Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ripping along...

Okay, now the CD ripping project has gotten into the obsessive stage. On the upside, there's only a few more of these posts to suffer through...
  • Dinosaur Jr, Where You Been
  • Depeche Mode, People Are People
  • Die Krupps, Enter Sandman/One
  • Enigma, The Cross Of Changes
  • The Clash, London Calling
  • Front 242, Tyranny For You
  • Peter Gabriel, Us
  • Peter Gabriel, Secret World Live
  • Front Line Assembly, Millennium
  • Guns N' Roses, Use Your Illusion II
  • Guns N' Roses, Sympathy For The Devil

FWIW, way back in the day, when I first saw the AT&T long distance commercial with Peter Gabriel's "Come Talk To Me" for a soundtrack, I was actually pained for a moment. I thought Et tu, Peter? I was going through my obligatory early-20s hippie phase at the time... I think that's what has helped me laugh so much at Bono's Mr. Earth Day performances. Your protests at G8 meetings get taken so much less seriously when you ride in a chauffeured Bentley to your waiting Gulfstream, you twit. It's got to be hard to keep preaching socialist ideals when you keep cashing those royalty checks.


Anonymous said...

I think you are wrong about the socialist ideals and royalty checks. From the discussions I have had with "true believers" they do not really see any conflict with them traveling in style and telling others to do differently.

They view themselves as not privileged but more as deserving and thus there is no conflict.

I sincerely doubt that most try hypocrites see any real conflict in what they preach.

Ed Foster said...

Daughter number one lives in Ireland, where Bono is regarded by anyone over the age of 32 as everyone's sweet, but mildly retarded nephew.
Perhaps I should amend that to "Anyone over 32 and living outside commuting distance of Dublin". Dublin always was the only place in Ireland (outside of east Belfast) where the British mind rot ever really took hold. Basically, Bono and company are Pommies trapped on the wrong side of the Irish Sea. The rest of the country (south of the border with the professional welfare trash of the north) is far too busy making money and working 60 hours a week for it to take such silly monkeys seriously.

DirtCrashr said...

California socialists douchebags are the wealthy upper-crust, these elite are the Appartchicks who are bred to live well and lead the masses, such as: Feinstein, Boxer, and Botoxovitch-Pelosi.
You got a lot more CD's than I ever had.

Anonymous said...

MORE Dinosaur jr!

i love your blog. i really do. I love the energy rant earlier. it was highly entertaining.

More J Mascis -

Steve Skubinna said...

Well, there's always going to be a nomenklatura, whatever form the Workers' Paradise takes.

staghounds said...

The only way I'd sell out to The Man would be if he made me an offer.