Wednesday, July 16, 2008

You can't reason with crazy.

For the three of you who haven't read it yet, Brigid offers her thoughts on trying to negotiate with the mullahs.


Anonymous said...

Whats to argue with a religion that says if you don't convert or submit you die? Her outrage at the Obamisiah's statements and ignorance is not misplaced.


Carteach0 said...

And excellent commentary it is!

She's a bright person who pays attention to her surroundings, spreading that awareness even past our shores.

Thanks for pointing it out.

Mike W. said...

"negotiating" with those who've openly stated they want to see you wiped off the earth seems like a recipe for disaster. Then again that's Obama for ya.

You'd think people would understand when you portray weakness and naivety to hostile foreign leaders..... but hey, what do I know about history. I'm only 22.

Kristopher said...

The only negotiations we should have is exactly how much tribute they should pay us to not nuke them off the face of the earth.

Mike W. said...

Where would Israel be today if they'd adopted the Obama/Carter foreign policy stance?

MP said...

Speaking of reasoning with Crazy. . .

A post from Commenter "Dominique"

from those enlightened folks at Delaware Liberal.

"Dear Trashy Gun Girls -

Congratulations on being allowed access to the computer by your gun-totin’ men! It always gives me a thrill up my leg when I see a little lady have the freedom to express an opinion her husband has allowed her to have.

Now carry your bad hair down to Walmart and pick up some more ammo. You must be low on supplies after the July 4th festivities. Don’t forget to get the kids their own supply so their sticky fingers don’t end up all over your stash."
I would have responded but knowing the women shooters I do, most of whom have graduate degrees, no husbands, and wouldn't be caught dead in a Wal Mart, I was laughing too hard.