Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mailing a musket.

Well, we're off to see if folks at the UPS Store realize that a replica Civil War front-stuffer is not a firearm and is therefore perfectly legal to ship...

  • Points in my favor: Nothing looks more harmless than an old sidehammer muzzle loader. Lots of people don't even realize that they actually work.
  • Points against me: People can occasionally be dumber than dirt and stubborner than union mules.

Expect a followup report in an hour. Ish.

UPDATE: I love living in American-occupied America, where you can walk into Mailboxes Etc. with a Pattern 1853 Enfield replica under your arm and the guy behind the counter says "Wow, that's a beauty!" before boxing it and shipping it without so much as a blink.


Anonymous said...

Should be okay to ship via UPS. My gun dealer here in NY gets guns shipped to him via UPS all the time, day in and day out.

Anonymous said...

I still think shipping a muskrat would be a lot of fun.

Carteach said...

The UPS store is not UPS. They are a franchise deal and operate by their own arcane rules, generally not posted nor even written down.

As such they can be played with, like a mean old barn cat plays with a wounded mouse.

It's NOT a 'replica muzzle loader firearm'. It's a 'historical education study aid'.

I have shipped a significant amount of 'machined tool parts' via a UPS store, and as long it was pre-packed they remained clueless.

Anonymous said...

Shipping a live muskrat is clearly prohibited. See: . However, I think it might be ok if you first kill the muskrat using a musket. Properly packaged, of course.
Technically a "UPS Store" location is not the same as UPS and does not accept firearms. See:
Of course the if the musket is properly packaged before heading to the store or taken to a regular UPS location, I don't see why the salesdrone would have any issue at all with shipping "replica historic artifact" as long as the sale conforms to all local, state, and federal laws.

Anonymous said...

Every damn time I go to the UPS HUB (since handguns are a no-no from anywhere but there or daily pcikup,) it is at least $70 and an hour out of my life I NEVER get back after training the staff on their own (and the Fed) rules. At least the local USPS is down to about 5 minutes with the proper form and a copy of my FFL.
Last M4 I tried to send from a UPS store, they thought was a bag of golf clubs.

Anonymous said...

Hey Sean Galt, get a web site and hyperlink so I can sell you some AR's.

Anonymous said...

CMP ships FedEx. Don't know about UPS and firearms, but they will ship live ammo, which USPS won't do.

Good news for you that even after the relocation you're still living amongst the bitter clingers.