Monday, July 14, 2008

Y'know what would be totally awesome?

If my bike rack had arrived today. That way I could pedal down to the post orifice.

Alas, it has not, so I will have to take the Gaia-despoilin' Bimmer. With the top down. I'll try to feel all tore up about it, Al, I promise.


B&N said...

Took the Mustang out yesterday, just 'cuz I could, that and it was only about 80 degrees outside, and drove around for no particular reason.

Stood on the throttle a few times and watched the tell-tale sign of the secondaries opening, the engine going full rich out the tailpipes and listened to the Ford symphony play. It was terrific.

I did it all with zero regard to Gaia. She'll survive.

TD said...

Riding a bike and gardening... you're straying dangerously close to hippie territory.

Kristopher said...

Don't believe the weight limit for that seat-post mount rack.

If you get anywhere near 25 lbs, it will start to crack and break on you.

They are fragile.

Tam said...

If it will hold a six-pack of longneck beers or a twelve-pack of Diet Dew, I'll be happy.

If it'll hold both at the same time, I'll be freakin' ecstatic!

farmist said...

Your post didn't make any sense until I clicked on the link... I always thought a "bike rack" was where you parked the thing.


Anonymous said...

It's OK - feel free to drive whatever. :) Al T.

Weer'd Beard said...

If you rode you bike to the Post Office, where would you tuck your gun when you enter the victim disarment zone?

Kristopher said...

You expect to carry a 12 pack of Mountain Dew on your rack then?


( post gifs please )