Friday, July 18, 2008

The pot makes harsh statements about the kettle.

Nancy Pelosi (Commie-CA) got catty in a CNN interview on Thursday:
"God bless him, bless his heart, president of the United States -- a total failure, losing all credibility with the American people on the economy, on the war, on energy, you name the subject,"
Damned skippy, Nancy. About the only way Bush's popularity could sink further would be if he were elected to Congress. That's gotta suck, having a lower approval rating than Lame Duck George.

It always sounds so fake and cheesy when a Californiyankee says "bless his heart", Nancy. Just stop. You can't do it right.

The gem of the interview may have been when she got all defensive about the sudden unpopularity of her stance on drilling for oil:
"Thirty-three million acres offshore are allowed for leasing," she said. "And we're saying to them, use it or lose it. You have the opportunity to drill there. When you have exhausted those remedies, then you can talk about something else."
I'm reminded of the old gag about the guy looking for his dropped wallet under the streetlight half a block away from where he lost it because the light is better there. They're not drilling there, Nancy, because that's not where the oil is, you twit.


Carteach0 said...

It gets far more interesting once you look deeper into those 'leases'.

Most of the leases are for exploratory drilling, or even less, just a lock on future exploratory drilling if it's ever allowed.

What is not being mentioned.... is those leases are almost useless as they do not allow drilling for production.

Yes, some oil companies have some leases on some areas, but what they don't have is permission to produce and remove oil from those area's.

It's a shell game.... and a truly evil one at that.

rickn8or said...

"Annnd if I'm leasing this plot, there's no way you get to do any drilling."

I'm thinking that most of these oil companies' leases are simply to keep their competitors out of the same area.

Benjamin said...

I'm no republican, or even a democrat for that matter. So I'm not bias towards any particularly party, but this is just astonishingly moronic. I mean here she is calling the President a failure while the house has managed to do even less than the republican congress did! No Nancy, your both total failures with you even more so (unless reaching new lows is some kind of success).

redneckinny said...

The dumbocrats lied to the American people that they'll work to lower fuel prices if they got elected to Congress. Well, 2 years later, gas prices have doubled since they took control. Where's the lower gas prices now, you lying sack of s***?

Tam, you spelled "twit" wrong; I think it's an 'a' and not an 'i'.

Can you feel the loathing and disdain I have for Pelosi? Ugh!

Wyatt Earp said...

Well, they passed the law raising the minimum wage . . . then nothing else for almost three years.

And people wonder why Congress' approval ratings are the lowest in history.

Anonymous said...

Why is the U.S. still wasting their time continuing to talk about oil? The Japanese have a completely functional car on youtube that runs on water. I guess the oil infrastructure needs supporting...

Tam said...

Anon. 11:52,

"Why is the U.S. still wasting their time continuing to talk about oil? The Japanese have a completely functional car on youtube that runs on water. I guess the oil infrastructure needs supporting..."

Hey, could you answer a question for me? I've always wondered if being that stupid is actually, you know, physically painful or not. Is it?

og said...

Tam, I'm guessing that the level of stupid that is indicated, denies the presence of pain. Pain affects the brain. No brain, no effect.

Billy Beck said...

"Why is the U.S. still wasting their time continuing to talk about oil?"

Because I want to drive a 454 SS, fool.

Shut the fuck up.

DirtCrashr said...

It's the botox, her frontal lobe is in low orbit around her ankles.

Anonymous said...

Pelosi and her allies will continue to deny the American people the production of that 'off limits' petroleum until her claws are removed from our throats all the while loudly proclaiming the it's Bush's fault.


staghounds said...

Why don't we have a single journalist who will say, "What's the price? You say the price is too high, how much should a gallon of gas cost? What's the exact number?"

John A said...

In addition to those being leases allowing exploration, those where oil actually has actually been found and for which applications to drill have been filed face years, even decades, of lawsuits preventing drilling. And even after a hole has been drilled and oil found, a new round of court cases starts up to prevent actual production. And another against putting in a road or pipe to get the oil out of the area.

That is why the PElosi types can say it will be a decade or more before any oil comes on-line, even when there are wells already drilled but capped (not producing) pending law suits and/or legislation (some are "off shore", ie, in oceans, or other banned areas).

B&N said...

Nancy, go get Webster's and look up "Irony" for me.


Anonymous said...

One of my first projects I worked on when I joined a major oil company now nearly 20 years ago was the Sword field. It is offshore california and huge. Nancy and her predecessors would not let my company develop it because it would ruin the view so they basically paid us pennies on the dollar for it since they blocked our development with laws.

The irony is interesting to me. They have absolutely huge amounts of known oil out offshore california and we cannot drill it since they won't let us.

Oh, well, I don't have to pay their gas prices in CA either.

redneckinny said...

Just wait till the scientists finally discover that Oil is a continually renewable resource. The earth creates it using the most abundant substances on the planet (water and carbon with other elements mixed in), involving heat (thermolysis) and pressure deep under the earth's crust, and forcing the newly produced oil into the oil deposits that have already been discovered and those yet to be discovered. How else do you think the oil wells in the Plains states have been slowly filling up again? There's an estimated 10 billion gallons of oil in there now, where once it was tapped out.