Sunday, July 13, 2008

Given my impeccable fashion sense...

...the next time I go to the mall, I'm wearing a bag over my head. Just in case.


Joe Huffman said...

To my way of thinking clothes only serve two purposes.

1) Protection from the elements.
2) To keep me from getting arrested.

Strictly speaking 2) is a specialized case of 1) but most people don't realize the implications of 1) unless I spell it out for them.

I haven't yet figured out how some people ended up with brains capable of wasting so much processing power on such drivel.

Stingray said...

I'm having an awfully hard time working up a neuron's worth of give-a-damn what Nancy there, or whatever "his" name is thinks of my jeans and t-shirt.

LabRat said...

Then again, dear, out here the gays and straights alike are dressed in glorious fashion-don't-ness. It's very egalitarian.

Jenny said...

Wow... I haven't seen that kind of snotty fuss and bother over nothing since junior high.

Of course, the snotty girls in junior high had a excuse - everyone was just a few years away from Barbies and there wasn't much else to do at that age but play dress up and try on different act-like-an-adult personas.

Oh well. Bless his heart. :)

Kristopher said...

Open Carry in the mall.

He won't be staring at your clothing.

phlegmfatale said...
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phlegmfatale said...

[is something weird going on with the comments these days? My typing got all discombobulated, somewhow. I'll try again.]

Not that I'm ha'in' on William Sledd or anything, but to the list of sartorial fox paws he pointed out, I would add "boys shouldn't wear frosted pink lipstick."

I'm just sayin'.

Tam said...


All day long I've been checking the comments to see if Phlegmmie had shown up yet.

And it was worth it. :D

Rabbit said...

Upper torso protected from the elements and to not frighten the white women?

Next biggest choice- black AR or green park'ed FAL fashionably slung over a shoulder?

Will I be out after 6? Hmm...formal just cries out for black.


et45 said...

Carpenter jeans and shorts have handy thigh pockets for your Spyderco.

staghounds said...

William makes, in a funny way, a genuine social point about respect for our fellow citizens, and for ourselves. Thoughtful people- certainly thoughtful second amendment people- ought to think about how public politeness and virtue are a continuum.

The good people lost this one somewhere between 1939 and 1974. I am just barely old enough to remember the world of oughts, and they were important.

og said...

Pretty sure that I'm in the "clothes keepme from being arrested" camp. And it takes a lot- if I were to switch to short sleeves, for instance, I would be likely to be at least indicted.

On the other hand, ripped jeans- especially if they are ripped in good places... can be very nice.

No, not the knees.

Sailorcurt said...

How narcissistic does one have to be to surreptitiously film people at the mall for no other reason than to make fun of them?

"To speak ill of others is a dishonest way of praising ourselves."
-- Will Durant