Thursday, July 24, 2008

Life in nerd central.

So, we're getting ready to go to the grocery store. RobertaX has a little notebook out and is jotting stuff down. I'm wandering around the house and calling stuff out as I think of it.


"Got it."

"We need cat litter."

"Already wrote it down."

I get ready to head out the back door, calling over my shoulder "Don't forget the list!"

I gain possession of the document at the supermarket and nearly pee myself laughing because, of course, across the bottom, under "Bread", "Breakfast Meat (sausage prfrrd)", and "Eggs" is "Liszt (Franz prfrrd)".


Carteach0 said...

You two are scary smart... but it must be a barrel of fun there (g).

I like people who think that fast, and that wide ranging. Wish I was one.....

Hey... Carteach0 is likely to be on Hiatus for a few weeks.... how about some Arms Room posts to cheer us up?

B&N said...

Hungarian Rhapsody No.2 (prfrrd)

Tennessee Budd said...

Looks like this roommate thing is working; y'all are each odd in a way that complements the other.
Probably a great place to hang out & watch the zingers bounce off the walls.

LabRat said...