Saturday, July 12, 2008

Get up, stand up!

Fightin' tha power in Mordor Chicago.

If we were the other side, we could call that a million people.

(H/T to Unc.)


Khornet said...

Tam, check out Instapundit's link to the Chicago event today. You might recognize somebody on a poster there.

Tam said...

She's one of Oleg's models, but I don't know her.

Don Gwinn said...

Hell, if we were the other side, we might have been on the news.

I can't speak for any of the other networks, but we watched WGN's 9:00 newscast from start to finish at a friend's house in Elgin, and there was no mention of SAFR whatsoever. We chose WGN because I knew I had seen their broadcast truck among the others.
They gave several minutes to some minister from Chicago who had six people standing in a circle singing hymns adapted to high gas prices, but they couldn't spare a minute to show 500-1,000 people filling Thompson Plaza and cheering for concealed carry right under Daley's office windows.

Tam said...

What media bias?

Illinois voter said...

Thanks for the plug Tam. Hopefully we can throw some better video links later.

She speaks of a tongue depressor referring to this ISP link below.

Suzanna Hupp was a great speaker, absolutely a truly great woman. If you ever get a chance to see her, do so!