Tuesday, July 29, 2008

"Thanks, mom!"

So, yesterday the local cat box liner ran an editorial in support of H.R.2102, a proposed law that would provide legal protections for non-disclosure of sources by journalists.

This morning on the editorial page they printed a reader comment supposedly left on the online version of the piece:
"I feel confident that these members of the press take their jobs seriously and would not take advantage of this law. They realize they have an obligation to the public to print news as honestly and unbiased as they can."
Check the IP address on that "reader"; it's probably the editor's mom.


Alan said...

More likely, it's the editor.

Nathan Brindle said...

Journalists? Serious?

"I tried being serious, Frank. All I could get was construction work. You know what a thrill it is to get a hernia at sixty-two fifty a week?"

-- The late great Dean Martin