Thursday, July 24, 2008

Still ripping.

In my now-almost-obligatory morning stack of CDs:
  • Fluke, Risotto
  • Rush, Vapor Trails
  • Led Zeppelin, Physical Graffiti
  • Joy Division, Unknown Pleasures
  • Camouflage, Meanwhile
  • Alice In Chains, Dirt
  • Beck, Odelay
  • Ozzy Osbourne, Tribute
  • Mike Oldfield, Tubular Bells
  • Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark, Orchestral Manouevres in the Dark
  • Jane's Addiction, Nothing's Shocking
  • Jesus Jones, Doubt
  • Nine Inch Nails, Demos & Remixes
  • Depeche Mode, Songs of Faith and Devotion
The Nine Inch Nails quasi-bootleg CD was purchased back in the height of my Trent Reznor fangirl days, probably late 1994. It still has the $30 price tag on it, from back when $30 would fill your gas tank and still let you go eat at Outback if you skipped the beer. I don't recall ever buying the OMD CD. That's weird, but in a pleasant way. Odelay was a Christmas present from my boss back when I worked at the airport; he was a huge Beck fan. Vapor Trails is, along with Counterparts, the only Rush album I never really warmed up to.


Wyatt Earp said...

Dirt is awesome. One of my faves!

Rob K said...

I have long wanted a T-shirt with the Unknown Pleasures cover art, but not yet stumbled over one.

I seem to recall that the track divisions are pretty rough on that CD.

Jim Sullivan said...

Back when my wife and I were first dating, she bought me the "Pure Moods" CD. I'm still not sure why she thought it would appeal to me.

Now, when I lived on my own, I used to put a CD in the player and have it shuffle endlessly all night while I slept. Music always helps me sleep. I thought I'd give the 'Pure Moods' CD a try for a night. Oldfeld's 'Tubular Bells' is on that CD.

At about 3:15 AM, I woke up and it was playing. In the haze of not being quite awake, all I knew was that I the 'Exorcist' music was playing really loud. I just about needed a change of shorts, it scared the crap out of me so bad. I haven't listened to that CD since.

Brad K. said...


I keep looking for good music in your list. You know, like Dr. Demento's 25th Anniversary Collection.

The Unforgettable Glenn Miller

Sioux City Sue: The War Years, Bing Crosby on the title song.

Julie Brown's "Trapped in the body of a White Girl" featuring "Earth Girls Are Easy", which inspired the movie by that name with Gina Davis, Jeff Goldblum and a *young* Jim Carey. Julie gets a cameo to sing "Because I'm Blonde".

The Bangles' Greatest Hits

Absolute Torch and Twang, K.D. Lang

First Band on the Moon, The Cardigans.

Running with Scissors, "Weird Al" Yankovic.

Breakfast in America, Supertramp.

Sixpence None the Richer, by Sixpence None the Richer.

Soundtrack to the musical "Paint Your Wagon", with Clint Eastwood and Lee Marvin.

99 Red Balloons, Nina

He thinks he's Ray Stevens, by Ray Stevens.

Wolf Creek Pass, by C.W. McCall.

Angelina, Louis Prima

The Abba Generation, by The A-Teens

The Best of Blondie

The Best of The Moody Blues

Breakaway, Kelly Clarkson. I loved her music in the movie "Love Actually" with Emma Thompson and Hugh Grant.

Bob Wills Texas Playboys, by Bob Wills and his Texas Playboys.

For the Last Time, Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys

Xanadu movie soundtrack with The Tubes, Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelley.

Wilson Phillips, by Wilson Phillips.

And there are vocals, too.
Monty Python's Flying Circus, by Monty Python.

Star Trek: 25th Anniversary Audio Collection.

George Carlin, Parental Advisory

George Carlin, What am I doing in New Jersey?

and the classic Celestial Navigations, by Celestial Navigations. Includes the insightful "The Janitor".

Single tracks?

The Seekers, You're my Spirit
Robert Mitchum, Whippoorwill (Ballad of Thunder Road)
The Who, Poppa Joe

Um, I bought one digital album off the internet (Alysia). The rest are CD's on my shelf (or in a box or three).

Breda said...

you're copying the soundtrack to my senior year in high school!