Thursday, July 31, 2008

Can't keep a good man down.

Rustmeister, proprietor of Rustmeister's Alehouse, was attacked by his appendix the other day. He's pretty tough, so his appendix didn't stand a chance. Get Well wishes may be delivered here.

Squeaky has the whole story.


Regolith said...

What caliber for appendix?

Tam said...

I dunno, ask Rusty.

I think he just throttled it with his bare hands, or stared at it real hard until it started crying and ran away.

Rustmeister said...

That's funny right there.

Appendix was no pushover, but I did manage to pull it out.

Wounds would indicate a .22 down low, with a couple of .30's to the midsection. Kind of a reverse Mozambique.

That's what I plan to tell my grandkids, anyway.