Monday, September 08, 2008

Airports? Sports teams? Pphhhtt.

These days, your city ain't nothin' unless it has 50-foot mechanical spiders roaming the streets.

The money quote, as it were, comes from the Wikipedia article:
The project, which is free to the public, cost £1.5 million to stage.
That simple sentence demonstrates such a breathtaking lack of anything resembling a grasp of economics that it fair staggers the imagination. It's as though someone thinks the fairy godmother bestowed all that moolah on the Liverpudlian Commission For Giant Sidewalk Creatures.


falnfenix said...

a livejournal acquaintance of mine lives in Liverpool, and from what she indicated this is an annual event - supposedly every year they do a "steampunk" event that features an animal.

crazy, if you ask me, but hey...i dig it.

Don Gwinn said...

Yeah, but, see, it's free because those are government pounds. They come from nowhere, and they go to nowhere. In between, they are as dust in the wind.


avenger29 said...

Holy SHIT! Get me a freakin RPG!


John said...

Admittedly, there's something moderately appealing about the idea of a Liverpudlian Committee for Giant Sidewalk Creatures.

One imagines Tokyo must have something similar, if on a much larger scale.

Mark said...

In this case "free to the public" means "we won't charge you extra to see it", unlike (f'rexample) the Science Museum and what-have-you where you have to cough up extra money on top of your taxes to get in.

But I take your point.

Old Grouch said...

And it appears that it's mostly EU money (even more evansecent!) funding it.

The same group of artists did a project in London in 2006: The Sultan's Elephant

Anonymous said...

Well it beats the crap out of some of the publicly funded art I have seen here in the states.