Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Rock and Roll High School...

I'm assuming y'all have seen the two groovy video montages from the Blackwater trip? Joe Huffman's totally awesome montage is here. JR did a club mix video, as it were, to Slipknot's "Duality", which doesn't sound quite the same unless it's reverberating off linoleum and plate glass at taxiing 747 volume, all at an hour to annoy sleeping birds.

You'll note in the videos that I brought my best selection of total poser t-shirts: National Forensics Academy, Department of Energy SRT, and Boone County, Indiana SRT. The National Forensics Academy one is totally my favorite, because it says "The Harvard of Hellish Violence" on the back and has a big ol' skull on the front. This is guaranteed to get you rapid service in most restaurants in the hopes that you will eat fast and leave. The DOE guys used to be regulars at CCA and would occasionally bring t-shirts if they had some to spare. My tour guide to Hoosier Shooty Goodness hooked me up with the Boone Co. one, where Sheriff Ken Campbell runs probably the only program in the nation that schedules big-name instructors on the county ranges for plain ol' everyday folks.


Breda said...

where did you get the Forensics Academy shirt? I have been hunting for one for Mike for years now.

(and, btw, I am so not surprised that you are awesome enough to own one)

Joe Huffman said...

Tam, thanks for the link and the nice words. I put a lot of work into that and it really feels good to have it appreciated.

Also, it was a pleasure hanging around within earshot of you. The live snark is just as good, if not better, as the written. I"m looking forward to the next gun blogger get together when you are there.

alath said...

Leave it to Tam.

I was born in Indiana, grew up on the family farm in Boone Co, and now live next door in Hamilton Co and in 43 years I had never heard of Sheriff Ken Campbell and his public training offerings.

Tam moves to the Indy area and finds out about him within a couple of weeks.

Emailed the guy and got their class schedule. Looks like I already missed some good ones this year, but I'm looking forward to next year.