Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quote of the Day:

LabRat on Palin, here:
I would have liked her well enough without it, but the media frothing frenzy has been just about enough to turn me into a rock-ribbed pro-life evangelical just out of sheer and unmitigated spite.


the pawnbroker said...
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theirritablearchitect said...

Media frothing is something I absolutely relish.

Watching them do their apoplectic dance, whilst yammering and foaming at the mouth about anything of which they disapprove brings me joy.

I'm sincerely looking forward to watching one of them lock-up on the air come November, when it becomes apparent that they've lost, yet again.

George said...

One of the most interesting facets of the Palin Watch is the emergence of the rebuttals to the lies broadcast about her. (The most recent for me has been the so-called banned books list.)

Each time her foes concoct something and get slammed for it, her public image improves. They are giving her the high ground. You would think that the a-holes in Obamarama's camp would learn their lesson.

Erm ... no I guess not.


docjim505 said...

I know the feeling. I like to think of myself as a more-or-less thoughtful man who doesn't make electoral decisions without a certain amount of research. But the vitriol against Sarah Palin has done the trick: I don't know if she's qualified to be the VP but I'm past caring. Anybody who brings libs this close to psychosis gets my vote!

Rio Arriba said...

I believe the press was a major factor in the election of GW, both times. They never seem to learn.

amcz said...

I'm waiting for the revelation that Sarah Palin organized the Duke Lacrosse Team into a "rape club".

Can't get anymore anti-woman than that!

Anonymous said...

docjim -
"...close to psychosis??? They're in the third stage of drooling-idiot and rapidly approaching the cliff of catatonia.

Anonymous said...

I swiched over to NPR on my way to the range this morning to check up on Ike. What a mistake! I had to switch it off when the NPR "reporter" started quoting from an article in the NYT boldly stating that Sarah Palin had pursued personal vendettas, involved her husband in budget cuts, and hired former class mates as governor of Alaska. These people will try to twist absolutely anything Sarah Palin has ever done against her, no matter what! It's appalling. If more "common people" like Sarah Palin's husband were involved in budget cuts instead of politicians, our taxes would be a whole lot lower.