Thursday, September 18, 2008

Racing for the shallow end of the pool.

As the legacy media continues reaching for fresh mud to sling at the opposition candidate, the stuff just gets sillier and sillier. Check out the screaming headline on CNN this morning:
Palin's glasses designer likes Obama

I mean, if that doesn't set a new standard for "vapid", I don't know what does.

"Oh yeah? Well, Obama's secretary's deer-hunting cousin likes Palin, so there!" I mean, cheez'n'crackers, kids, could this get any more schoolyard?


Anonymous said...

"...could this get any more schoolyard??

Only from their side.

Carl said...

Shudder... the massive quantity of electoral votes from one Japanese citizen guarantees an Obama victory! Oh Noes, All Is Lost!

I do find it rather fascinating that the headline screams how he likes Obama, but there is no quote supporting that sentiment. He does say:

"I am quite right-wing"

And here is the evidence that he likes Obama:

"...he also can't help feeling an affinity with Obama.

"Kawasaki's former students are among the residents of Fukui, which has a city that happens to be called Obama. And they have started a community movement supporting Obama"

Overwhelming endorsement to justify the headline, CNN...

breda said...


phlegmfatale said...

I won't be surprised to see or hear a political commercial between now and November involving the words "neener," "neener" and "neener."

Jenny said...


Same thing here. The ADN (affectionately dubbed "The Anchorage Daily Worker") has been running "All Palin Hate, All the
Time" since the announcement. Oh wait, no... my mistake. Last weekend they did a special on how snappily she dressed and how many women were relating to that. Even mentioned she got some of it from the local second hand store and how proud the store owners are of her.

"In the tank" doesn't begin to cover it.

You know, I was going to just smile in resignation and say "hey, at least there's one thing an Obama victory would be good for - the vitriol would die off." Then realized that bugged me even more.

Can't let anyone have the idea there's life off the reservation now, can we?

The Captain said...

could this get any more schoolyard?

Of course it can - just wait until October.

Somerled said...

I like Obama, too. I'd like him to finish his community activism work of fixing Chicago. Mayor Daley, Oprah, and the entire Chicago Democratic Machine need his personal, undivided attention. He shouldn't be loafing around in the Rose Garden. Chicago needs a finisher.

It would be selfish of us to pull him away from an in-progress remodeling job. And knowing what he's told us in speeches and books, Barack wouldn't sleep well at night after leaving the Second City in the lurch.

Anonymous said...

I can taste their fear.

It is delicious.