Monday, September 08, 2008

JayG of Borg...

...assimilates another one. At his one-new-shooter-per-weekend clip, who knows? He may get the Augean stables of Massachusetts cleaned out eventually.

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Jay G said...

It's pretty funny that you mention "clip", Tam. That little bit 'o' gunnie terminology came up, and was (VERY) gently set right (along with a very mild diatribe about how poor a job the media does when reporting on anything gun-related).

Y'all may not believe it from reading my insane rantings, but I've been told I'm a good instructor for new shooters... ;)

Thanks for the linky-love. Looks like I'm going to have to pick up my dirty socks and swab the deck, 'cuz I'll bet this brings visitors.

And bonus points for TNG ref... ;)