Sunday, September 21, 2008

Standing ovation, with whistling and stamping of feet.

"Each time you allow your representatives to tack on more and more "regulations", you limit your freedom more and more. Each time you vote to increase the power of the government, even when you think that particular increase is beneficial, it will never go away and always be added on to, generally by people who you didn't want to have that power in the first place." -Robb Allen, Sharp As A Marble



Brian J. said...

Sadly, regulations get imposed more often that not by hirelings who are not actually "representatives" and who are hired and fired based on a merit system, not a political one.

So as long as they keep up with their quota of new regs, they're doing the job right and are not accountable to the fickle whim of voters.

Tam said...

Yes, we are definitely mired in the Age of the Bureaucrats Unelect.

mts said...

Dancers have to stay six feet away? I'll just go to the normal dance club, and wait to get some hoochie to grind up against me on the dance floor. Unlike a stripper, she'd be more likely to be a take-home.

They'll regulate an "adult club," but with current skank fashion, all I have to do is go to the grocery store to see my share of skin, cleavage (top, and bottom, i.e. lady plumber's butt), and then some.

I'm surprised that strip clubs and porno mags are still in business.