Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Turned out from the tribe...

"I have long been uncomfortable with the undercurrents of sexism and misogyny in some quarters on the Right*, so I’m not sure whether I’m gratified or horrified to find out that it’s evidently much worse on the Left. If there were whiffs of sexism against Hillary Clinton in the media and in the Obama campaign after they decided she was not to be the anointed this year, all pretense of restraint has been completely dropped now that the dumb broad in question is wearing the uniform of the Enemy." -LabRat, "Sarah Palin, Gender Apostate"

Do yourself a favor and Read The Whole Thing...


Cossack in a Kilt said...

Once more, Uncle Jeff Cooper (pbuh) serves as the origin of a nifty turn of phrase, applicable in this instance.

Ideosclerosis, the hardening of the ideas (or ideology).

Keep fighting the good fight, Tam.

Anthony said...

His link to the Salon essay: "Fresh blood for the vampire" was pure, deep analytical goodness.

Tbeck said...

I have a hunch that much of the personal animus against her is driven by envy. I've encountered it myself when I told some professional women that my wife chose to stay home and raise our children. It REALLY pisses them off, whether out of personal guilt or ideological rage.

Add to that the fact that Gov. Palin had the gall to have a family and THEN become a successful (and powerful, let's not forget that) woman. Yet another paradigm consigned to the dustbin of history.

Then there's her husband, who competes with Charles Ingalls for Best Father Figure Ever. The guy is just way too cool to be real. He even works on a fishing boat, just like the guys we spend hours watching on Discovery. It wouldn't surprise me to see him take up ice road trucking.

Then, there's the fact that she's attractive. Supposedly those wascally repubwicans picked her because we male voters are all horndogs. And I suppose Barry was nominated to clinch the gay male vote for the democrats.

So, she's intelligent, highly motivated, very fertile, has a great husband, and is pretty to boot. All those without a Womens' Studies degree from a very old east coast school. What's not to hate?

Somerled said...

Jon Friedman, MarketWatch/CBS News wrote today, "The Sarah Palin Phenomenon is doomed."

He said her bubble will burst when the media will decide that they are bored with her and move on to other subjects. That stunned me because I have believed people have been bored with the news media, particularly CBS.

I still wonder about the declining viewership and subscription numbers plus news room layoffs. It must be caused by those evil Repugnicans.

Tam said...


Ah. I see. I'm supposed to hate Sarah, then?

TBeck said...

Tam, THEY would very much like if if you did.

Personally, I think Sarah is a game-changing event. I was listening to two Texas Ladies talk about her the other day. They were thrilled that someone who shared their values and life experiences was running. Sarah is an energizing affirmation that Those Who Live Between The Coasts really do matter and will ultimately decide this election.