Monday, September 15, 2008

Help me, Intarw3bz Kenobi; you're my only hope...

When I had my .300 Whisper Turkish Mauser project done, I had the barrel threaded 1/2"x28, because that's the standard AR muzzle thread. Which is cool and all, but the gun has a .3" hole in it and not a .22" hole, and all the .30 caliber suppressors on the market are threaded for... well, not 1/2"x28, that's for sure.

I don't want to cut and rethread the muzzle. Further, I don't want to buy most of the .30 cal cans out there because they're the size and weight of truck mufflers and you don't need a friggin' AWC Thundertrap to stifle a .300 Whisper, which only emits about as much gas as a mouse fart. Surely someone makes a can intended for the .300 Whisper, and given the round's roots in the AR platform, surely that can is threaded 1/2"x28. I know there are people that read this blog that are hip to the topic.

Help me, lazyweb! Where is this magic can I'm looking for, and how many cereal boxtops will I need to save to get it?


og said...

Two things: I can easily bore out the AR to .3, or less easily rethread the mauser to 1/2-28. If you have something you'd like to speriment with, by all means, send it along.

Grant Cunningham said...

"Where is this magic can I'm looking for, and how many cereal boxtops will I need to save to get it?"

I can't answer the first (though have you tried Gemtech?), but I think I can answer the second: lots. Lots and lots. Eating the amount of cereal necessary to collect them all would make you look less like Twiggy and more like Rosie O'Donnell!

Did I mention it's a lot of boxtops?

-=[ Grant ]=-

Anonymous said...

How about an adapter? 1/2x28 to whatever heck gas lawnmower mufflers use?

tomcatshanger said...

YHM's Phantom 7.62 Can fits their Phantom 5.56 QD flash suppressor.

Of coarse, it's still a .308 can with all the heft and size associated.

Gregg said...

Have you tried SSK Industries?

They have a picture of an AR-15 with a can the size you are looking for on it.

OTOH, who has Oleg done photographic work for? Why not give them a ring?

Anonymous said...

Tam: I'm in New Hampster hence the anon tag, but give J.D. Jones a call and tell him I told you to do so. He might be able to help you.

One thing .308 cans are over-built way too heavy for use on the .300 Whisper. The reverse is true as well as you CAN'T use a Whisper can on a .308. (you blow the guts out)

Nothing is going to be cheap, but he can probably come up with something that solves your problem.

All The Best,
Frank W. James

the pawnbroker said...
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Jeff said...

Look into the AAC 762SD

I think I've also heard that AAC will EDM a 556 can like the M4-2000 out to 7.62 for a whisper.

Get in touch with Freddy out there, I've always had great support from them.

Ed Foster said...

Call Art Maus at Sherluk and see if he has any 9mm flash supressors in stock. If not, Rock River will, and they're both close to you.
The 9mm supp xxx I should call it a muzzle break, shouldn't I.
O.K., the 9mm break is threaded 1/2-32 to keep some butthead from screwing a .22 break on a 6.8 or cal 30 barrel. It's also just about the right I.D. for a 300 Whisper.
For reference, the M-14 match rifle is reamed to .358 I.D. for maximum performance.
And it gives you something cylindrical to slide a can over. Give Mack Qwinn up at MGI Military Industries a call and see if he's doing anything with cans nowadays. He might have something experimental he can send you. Hey, you're a gun writer, right?

Ed Foster said...

I should have mentioned that you'd lose about 5/8ths of an inch rethreading for the 1/2-32 thread, but you knew that already, right?
Really, I don't think anybody's going to take the lawyer risk of putting out a non .22 muzzlebreak in anything but a 32 pitch. Too many shysters out there, and too many dummies willing to try a mix-n-match.

Alex said...

I can recommend Innovative Arms.

They design and build custom suppressors, if you have the cereal boxtops. I have tried their products and was impressed.

Anonymous said...

Brownells sends me emails of new products.
Just last week, I noticed they listed a 308 flash hider w/ half-28 thds.
I don't know if it will fit a 300 Whisper can.

Brownells' site lists it as item# 851-000-072.
I didn't see it on Smith's site; I suspect they haven't updated their own site.

Erik in Colo.

HTRN said...

Arrgh, Blogger ate my first reply.

Short answer - AFAIK, nobody makes 30 caliber cans smaller than the typical 1.5" x 8.5" size that's so common(Sysrsly, theres like 5 companies that make em roughly that size). As for the threading dilemma, whover you buy from may be willing to do custom threading to fit the gun for a little extra, you'll have to ask. I'll check my sources, and let you know if anybody really does make a minican.