Thursday, September 04, 2008

We got us a movement.

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BONUS! Actual footage of Sportschicks for Palin clinging to guns and Bibles at Coal Creek Armory after Wednesday night Bible study! (h/t to Unc.)

DOUBLE EXTRA BONUS!! How can you tell when a liberal is scared sh!tless?

He’s talking about Sarah Palin.

Is that flop sweat I see on your forehead? Can j00 smell teh pwn4g3?

I know how you feel; two weeks ago the uninspired cardboard cutout was going to get stomped by the charismatic youngster who had fired up the base. Today? Same, but different…


Anonymous said...

Just wondering if you've noticed yet that Palin is a politician, and therefore, like every other politician of either the Demoncratic or Repugntican flavors, devoted to the idea that she has the right to take your money to spend on what she wants, and the right to tell you what to do with whatever amount she deigns to leave in your bank account.

Tam said...


You want to know why I'm fired up about this?

Is that a Bob Barr button in your sidebar? Ah, my old party of protest, nominating a tired Right-Wing GOP insider who voted like Jesse Helms and looks like Heinrich Himmler; whose proven track record makes even McCain look like L. Neil Smith. But he claims he's had a "Road To Damascus" experience... Right. And I'm Shirley Temple.

How lame is it that the GOP Veep candidate has better libertarian creds than the Libertarian's front man this time around? When the Libs announced Bob Barr, I decided I was going to sit this one out, because I wouldn't vote for him with your finger and someone else pushin'. When the GOP announced Palin, I decided to vote Republican for the first time since '88, in the hope of getting Reagan in a skirt in '12. Ponder that.

Anonymous said...

"She's just another politician."

Hey, did somebody send out a memo, or what?

NotClauswitz said...

Cynicism is not a manly trait, and as far as I can tell one Party will take much less of my money while Teh Other has made a pledge to take vastly more of it - and a possible third party but mostly a ghostly vapor sits sneering ineffectually in the corner with it's own baggage of hope and change while muttering convoluted intellectualisms to itself - like they hope somebody changes the rules and lets them in the game.
Okey dokey.

Tam said...

Old Grouch,

Yeah, tgirsch pointing out to me how cynical and world-weary he was with his "just another politician" comment made me laugh.

I' old enough to be tgirsch's mom; I was cynical about politicians before he was cynical about Santa Claus. (Of course, as a registered Democrat, he may not actually be cynical about Santa Claus yet...)

Fuzzy Curmudgeon said...

Bob Barr is as much of a joke as the Libertarian Party.

And neither are very funny anymore.

theirritablearchitect said...

"(Of course, as a registered Democrat, he may not actually be cynical about Santa Claus yet...)"

She shoots! She scores!

I'll admit, I can feel the sting from that one, even from where I sit.

the pawnbroker said...

do over! do over! as he ponders his newly reamed rear, courtesy of our "it" girl's subtle, emasculating comments last night, don't you know bo is desperately wishing he had swallowed his prissy pride and tapped hills as his veep?


Tam said...

Can you smell Barack bein' cooked? :D

Anonymous said...

Other than her obvious commitment to the Second Amendment, I don't see anything especially libertarian about Palin. And there seem to be a couple of nonlibertarian things in her past, like pressuring the local library to get rid of some books she didn't approve of.
And she didn't actually return that Bridge to Nowhere money, just kept it for the state of Alaska to use on other projects.
As far as I am concerned, she's simply another politician from the Religious Right, and being a PTA mom who knows how to use a firearm doesn't compensate for that. And, after all, for Palin to become VP requires McCain to become President. And I don't trust McCain farther than I could throw him with Bob Barr tied to his back.

Speaking of Barr--I'm supporting the Barr candidacy simply because it's the most visible way I have at the moment of saying Geh in dred to the major parties. And since I don't have that much respect for a party whose attitude often seems to be that the potential for actually being elected to office is a disqualification for any possible candidate, I'm not too concerned with it being taken over by disgruntled Republicans. The Barr button was really placed there for benefit of certain GOPers who didn't like McCain. They are now as warm and fuzzy for Palin as anyone else, and apparently have forgotten that it's McCain who will be in the Oval Office, not her.

And being a member of a non-Christian religion, I am definitely not interested in the Constitution Party.

I understand why you wouldn't vote for Barr, but I don't see any reason to think that Palin (much less McCain) actually represents what you believe in on any subject other than gun rights.

Anonymous said...

"but I don't see any reason to think that Palin (much less McCain) actually represents what you believe in on any subject other than gun rights."

Not so much on Mc Cain, but as far as Palin goes, you have only to listen to her to understand she represents EVERYTHING I believe in. Lower taxes. Smaller governmnet. Less pork spending. Work ethics. Decent family values. Yes, I said it, a family with a pregnant daughter can ACTUALLY HAVE VALUES. Amazing, innit?

the pawnbroker said...

and you know that supposed spell that bo has over the twentysomethin's?

my 24 yo son has a t-shirt and a bumper sticker coming tomorrow from cafepress (mccain/milf...yes at that age he's what tam would call a horndog, but he listened to and absorbed every bit of that speech last night; he is fired up...and not just down there).

so lemme see...mccain had the oldsters and most vets in the bag already, bo gave him all those clingers on a silver platter, and now women who think, middle aged conservatives and libertarians, and young people who foresee the evil effects of economic redistribution have been given a reason to...dare i say it...hope for change in the foreseeable future!

he can keep the rest...who would want oprah and teddy kennedy on the team anyway?


LissaKay said...

Thanks for the link, Tam. My lowly lil blog has some actual traffic today. BTW, the traffic from here is more than the traffic from Robb and Uncle combined ... Tamalanche!

Oh, and I am stealing (with credit) your Reagan in a skirt comment above. Love it! Heh ...

Mark said...

Never really thought of you as a bible-thumper, Tam.

Earl said...

I like the lady, and the ladies out shooting, I noticed the Library and which books should be banned. I haven't heard what she wanted gone, but I KNOW that ALL libraries buy what they think their patrons want, and normally will borrow something for those with special needs. I also KNOW that libraries weed the collection constantly, otherwise it would look like our homes with piles of books everywhere, so until I see a list of my favorites on her banned book list I am not thinking NAZI book burnings.

Anonymous said...

There's less to that library story than meets the eye.

Don't believe ANYTHING negative you read about Palin in the MSM. It will either be untrue, or taken out of context.

Tam said...


Actually, I'm not, but as long as the Bible thumpers stay on their side of the First Amendment, I'm happy to stay on mine.

mrkwong said...

What tam said...

Seriously...McCain is the carrier deck, Palin is the F-18 taxiing up to the catapult. It takes four years to turn the USS McCain into the wind for launch, and that's plenty of time to do a systems check on the VP.

We throw our bag aboard the USS McCain 'cause if the trial lawyers' and enviro-lobbyists' booze-cruise that is the MS Obama puts to sea, it'll throw a prop and drift around in left-hand circles and it might take eight years to beach the thing.

Rocker 419 said...

Palin is the new American Margaret Thatcher. The British are already falling in love with her. Europe will soon be close behind. THe Muslim countries must be freaking out. Gotta love it! Go McCain/Palin!

HeatherRadish said...

mrkwong, that's the best analogy yet.

the pawnbroker said...

pretty poetic, there, mrkwong, but i'm afraid that the ship of obama will be out of fuel and dead in the water before eight years...and with no guns on deck to fend off pirates and no navy to save the survivors...the whole ship of state will be scuttled.

i'm hunkering down on the mccain, and i'm gonna risk life and limb to help that jet take wing in '12.