Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Are you experienced?

One way of telling the experienced gun toter is that they have a box full of holsters that they have tried and discarded. I actually have two boxes, about the size of long neck beer cases, one full of revolver holsters and one of 1911 rigs, and those are just the ones I have kept because they are likely to see use again.

I have pretty much settled on a very few holsters for use: I have an el-cheapo Uncle Mike's pocket holster for J-frames, two more-or-less identical IWB rigs for 1911s (a Brommeland Max-Con V and a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2), and a G-Code paddle for 1911s that I use when playing gun games at the range.

Over at Home On The Range, Brigid shares her notes on the same topic.


red said...

If you're ever selling a pancake style holster for a 1911 govt, let me know!

Blackwing1 said...

I've been carrying my Springfield MicroCompact (3") 1911 in a Don Hume H715-M T.B. I've only got a small box of holsters collecting dust, so I guess I'm lucky I settled on this one quickly.

As a noobie to carrying (we got our permits as soon as Minnesnowta went to "shall issue") I've only been doing it for about 6 years. I still like the additional securement of a thumb-break strap on a 1911, particularly after I found that my thumb safety had somehow been pushed down into the "off" position with an earlier cheapo IWB holster.

They make a nice clip-on IWB magazine-carrier that matches.

Jay G said...

Interestingly enough, I detailed my main carry rigs last Friday.

Uncle Mikes supplies 40% of my holster needs (and 100% of my pocket holsters); I've got to pick up something more durable for the G30, tho'...

Nathan Brindle said...

Anyone have any thoughts on a concealed carry holster for a standard 1911?

I don't think Dad ever used the belt holster it came with, other than as a dust cover, and I've never carried it since I never had a permit. (Just applied last Monday.)

Tam said...

Well, I like the IWB rigs mentioned above...

Carrying inside the waistband makes the barrel length a moot point.

Oldsmoblogger said...

I'm thinking seriously about a Simply Rugged holster. The price isn't bad, and they do business out of Wasilla.

Anonymous said...

Noted handgun authority Matt Helm argued that the right holster is no holster. He reasons that you can sometimes ditch a pistol you can sometimes make "who? me? armed" never!" fly with the cops. A holster awkwardly attached to you body makes that an iffier play. I suppose that's most useful if you're hunting down Mr. Soo in
some place like Australia.

My 1911 carry holster is the space between my pants and my BVDs, just forward of the left hip bone; 'course, I've never liked the cocked and locked risk-reward balance.

Helm was also usefully opinionated on cars, pickups, and women who wear trousers.


Weer'd Beard said...

Bummer, I seem to not be experienced yet. Seems that I've rather liked all the holsters I've bought. The latest I'm not so sure, a Galco Belly-Band for my J-Frame.

Tam said...

1) A holster works to keep the grip of the pistol in the same place, oriented in the same direction, on one's body for each and every draw. An obvious reward for practicing one's drawstroke.

2) Because carrying without a holster leaves no telltale evidence behind should one need to ditch the piece in a hurry, holsterless carry is favored by those elements of society that shouldn't be carrying in the first place. I know more than one cop who uses the presence of a holster, therefore, to differentiate between Good and Bad Guys.

Anonymous said...

OK. I'll tell Helm.


Jeff said...

I have a box full of VM-IIs. My main carry is my micro-compact 1911, but I like the option to carry everything else. After I get my 1911 build gun finished I"ll probably start carrying that in its brand new VMII.

I don't have many holsters that suck, I got hooked on Milt Sparks almost immediately after I got my CCW in 2001. So, I guess I have a box of holsters that don't get used often but they are all top quality leather.

Nathan Brindle said...


Being a fairly round kind of guy, I have enough trouble keeping my pants up as it is. I think I'll definitely opt for a holster :)

(My doctor keeps telling me to get into shape. I keep telling him that round is a shape.)

Cossack in a Kilt said...

Tam and reardon:

To the best of my recollection, the "Helm" method of carry was originally promulgated by none other than the dotgov itself, albeit before dots.

I think the OSS agents used to use a shoestring loop around their belt when infiltrating into Occupied Europe, so if'n they had to ditch their various Colts (Woodsman, Pocket, or Government), Godwin's Law's agents wouldn't have incriminating evidence against them.

José Giganté said...

You should have a garage sale Tam, I'm sure it'd be the most awesomest garage sale ever!

Old macs, holsters, mags, ammo, a rack of rifles and a lawn mower (since you seem to never get around to mowing).

Anonymous said...

I've been drooling for a Versa Max 2 for a while, maybe if I order now I can get it sometime between the present and the heat death of the universe.

Anonymous said...

I'll second the Simply Rugged holsters. The pocket protector for the J-frame is ideal for me.
As for the others, I usually use a Bianchi IWB for the 1911, or a Galco for the Ruger Security Six.
Then there is the dresser drawer full of some amazingly cheap stuff that serve to remind me of the gullibility of hopers.
Ketchikan, AK