Friday, November 21, 2008

Viva. La. Bredalucion!!!!

Palin/Breda 2012!

Just in case you needed further proof that Breda is 12 feet tall and made of radiation:
Anyway, if you are disturbed by this, maybe you should go to Whole Foods and buy yourself a tofurkey. I'm sure that's what that candy ass David Shuster is eating this year - with a side of arugula - but probably only after he gets through sobbing and apologizing to it.


Sean said...

Tagged you with a book meme miss - hope you don't mind!

pdb said...

If Breda was any more awesome, she'd need a warning label.

Robb Allen said...

Now I have that damned song in my head... Thanks.

Breda said...

*takes a bow* =)

wv: "mustball"
Umm...not even going there.