Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Non-attributing heathens.

In the buying frenzy, one Indiana blogger even warned readers to not haphazardly snatch up a rifle and be "stuck with some exotic that takes unimportable mags."

Thanks for the link, guys. You're a shining role model of online journalistic excellence. Only not.

(H/T to Mike W at Another Gun Blog.)

(Also, if I'd been more diligent in reading my comments section I would have noticed that Bitter called this out two days ago. D'oh!)


og said...

I'm still hoping for a link to a "How to buy a decent AR15/clone". I want one because... well, because I don't have one. And that's enough reason.

Captcha: Grovin.

On a sunny afternoon.

dantesfiringrange said...

So if I read the article correctly:

Obama will not ban guns. But don't worry ‘cause when he does ban them, you will have plenty of time to panic.

Wow... that's some sage and savvy advice their chief!

Me gets the feeling that the author would be one of those staring forlornly at the empty shelves of the Quicky-Mart as the gale force winds of the hurricane began to blow.

Mike W. said...

I love how they title it "hysteria" and then explain exactly WHY all of us are so worried about Obama.

Given the facts it's more like buying based on rational self-interest than hysteria.

It's truly hilarious that the media seems so shocked by our reaction to an Obama / Biden ticket. Just shows you how blind they all are.

Oh, and thanks for the link Tam.

Brian Dale said...

The last line gave me a chuckle:

"Regardless, we're glad to see an Obama presidency is already stimulating the economy." spell checker underlines "Obama" as a mistake. I didn't know that it did political analysis.

{Word verification: "nozenies"-- why are we opposed to people who study Zen? ...and isn't it spelled, "Zennies"? Do I need more coffee?}

JoeMerchant24 said...

Tam, remember that in Denver proper a Ruger 10/22 is considered an exotic.

Now, a black market Tec-9... That's pretty common.

Mike W. said...

That's right. Denver still has that god awful AWB and have banned Open Carry.

They're a bunch of liberals who've screwed up what's otherwise a pretty awesome state.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Easy solution. Make reference to them, specifically, but take their stuff WAY out of context.

Example: "So why the sudden urge to pack heat? Are buyers eager to join a civilian militia? Go into survivalist mode? Stage an insurrection? "

Becomes: Rocky Mountain news advises readers to "Stage an insurrection."

Gewehr98 said...

That Greenleaf character would poop himself were he to see the G-98 firearms collection, let alone the ammo stash...