Thursday, November 20, 2008

Team Predator in action.

If you don't find this tale amusing, your eyes are probably on the sides of your head.

Mine are on the front, and I'm still wiping tears of laughter out of them.

EDIT: Speaking of eccentric feline behavior...


alan said...

There's no place I'd rather be than at the top of the food chain.

Nathan Brindle said...

That's mighty funny.

Reminds me of the day I heard yowling out in the kitchen, and walked in to find both cats on the countertop looking intently into the corner. After tossing them both off, I heard something scurry and pulled a couple of things out to find, you guessed it, a mouse.

Now, we just don't have mice in this house. But before this particular mouse appeared, we'd found a dead one in my office and another dead one in the dining room (crushed by my wife's Mah Jongg set when it fell over on it, of all things). So I figure they were getting in from the attic somehow (the soffits aren't sealed as well as they should be) and dropped down the little space behind the corner cabinet onto the counter.

Anyway, I managed to trap it in a handy 1/2-gallon plastic pitcher, took it to the front door, and launched it out into the front yard.

The cats still haven't really forgiven me yet.

Anonymous said...

Long years ago, the lady of the house came downstairs and found our cat acting very strange, as if she was trying to show her something. She followed her out to the utility area where the kitty's food, water and litter box were, and discovered a drowned mouse in the cat's water dish. It was a small mouse, so she thought it had somehow fallen in and couldn't get out.

A few days later, same story. Only this time it was a very large mouse. No way this was an accident--the cat was catching and drowning mice! She had never been taught to kill by another cat, so she had to improvise!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Tam.

That was indeed hilarious.


TBeck said...

My father has four cats, one of which is a very largish Maine Coon.

Well, said cats were perfectly okay with a large raccoon rambling into the kitchen through the cat door and helping itself to the vittles. Not so much as a yowl of protest.

I can only assume that the raccoon was a member of some sort of powerful animal gang or crime family.

God Bless Michael Gross.

Linoge said...

To coin a phrase, that was "hi-larious".

Good grief... I guess coming from a family where we never had any less than one cat in the house, I can attest to everything that transpired first-hand. Domesticated cats are great at the finding and cornering, but useless when it comes to the disposing.