Wednesday, November 26, 2008

This way to the egress...

Brian at Samizdata has tacked through 180 degrees and now agrees that maybe the fastest cure for Britain's politico-economic mess would be for the people who make the brains run on time to stampede for the exit.


Ritchie said...

What is that pistol on their home graphic? Kind of odd looking from what I can see.

WV: unficil- a notch more than

knirirr said...

Emigrating to the US is very tempting indeed.
But, it always reminds me of something from of all things a Traveller Sword Words book: "someone has to stay behind to defend our homes, even if the fight is doomed."

Tam said...


That's a SIG. Looks like either a 220 or 225, but it's hard to be certain.

staghounds said...

And in other commentariat news, someone has stolen Be Stein, whois rait for full on mass bailouts. Can't post the linkcaus I'm on a PC, ut its called

"Reflate the econoy, now"

What next, Ann Coulter breakng her jaw?

docjim505 said...

When it looked pretty clear that The Annointed One was going to steal win the election, I actually did a tiny bit of research into what country(ies) might be good places to go to. Ireland was in the top four, along with Australia and Singapore. The US was (IIRC) the other, but I suspect not for long.


1. I'm an AMERICAN, dammit. I love my country and don't want to leave.

2. If we fear that The Annointed One and his stooges will make gun control hell here, try it elsewhere. If I'm not mistaken, you can be HANGED for possessing a gun in Singapore.

3. See #1.

Why does the phrase "alter or abolish" keep running through my mind these days?

jimbob86 said...

From Comments there:

"The Berlin Wall analogy doesn't work. The reason that people fleeing the East German regime was important was that no one else was willing to take their place.

But for everyculturally British person who wants to emigrate now, there are 10 non-British immigrants who'll glady take their place from the Indian sub-continent, Africa, the Middle East, former Soviet Union, Latin America (vamp till ready)."

True, dat.....

John Galt said...

Sounds like an interesting idea. It seems to be somewhat familar, hmm... Where have I heard a similar plan before?

farmist said...

"people who make the brains run on time..."

I thought brains run on bacon, or pizza, or???