Thursday, November 20, 2008


I just grilled myself a reuben for lunch, 'cause I'm cool like dat. Freshly sliced deli corned beef FTW.

(Note To Self: Butter would have tasted a hojillion times better than olive oil. Not that the olive oil-grilled reuben tasted badly, mind you...)


Nathan Brindle said...

Thank you for spelling it correctly.

I can't tell you how many delis I've walked into and seen "RUEBEN" on the menu.

Anonymous said...

My lunch was a sandwich I invented in 1972 called the "go-go man" It is named after a room mate we referred to by that name because he was always on the go, and this sandwich seemed ideally suited for someone who would need to eat on the run.

The original consisted of all the food left in the refrigerator one day:

1) one hot dog, split lengthwise into four segments.
2) one egg fried over medium
3) one slice of american cheese
4) two slices of toasted white bread
5) mustard.

35 years later, my wife made me two of them. That is progress.

Crucis said...

Anon, my Grandmother used to make herself a sandwich similar to that except she used canned spam.

She liked it.

Anonymous said...

That sounds excellent, Tam. Yeah, there are some dishes that simply require butter. Olive oil, even yummilicious baconfat won't do. French toast, fer instance. Butter, buds. No oily boird gets that worm.

Me, I had home made bean soup. Delish, if I say so. Butter beans AND cannellini, and chock full of bacony goodness. Bacon = food of the gods.


Turk Turon said...

When I can get both of my sons together, I make us Reubens with kosher dills, and a beer for me. Ahhhh!

atlharp said...

Reubens are damn good. Doing them up in "buttah" is the appropriate way. olive oil is nice, but there ain't nothing like that old buttery flavor. When I did mine I remember using this Irish Butter called "Kerry 'O Gold."

F'ing Stellar!

Bob@thenest said...

The last time I ordered a Reuben in an restaurant the table server asked what kind of cheese I wanted on it.

Nevermind, genius. Let me look at the menu again.

Give me a burger.