Sunday, November 30, 2008

Training Day.

The precipitation is stacking up in the yard outside my window. What a great day to go shooting!

I think some speedloader drills with numb fingers are in order today. Especially because, now that I think about it, I've never worked with HKS speedloaders while wearing gloves before. I imagine that it could be downright comedic with the little size 32-J's that I use for my 432PD.

Plus, I haven't done any drills of any kind recently with either of my two most usual carry revolvers, the 296 or the 432. One of the downsides of having training guns is that sometimes they wind up getting used to train to the exclusion of the guns for which they are substituting. My little Model 34 Kit Gun is a wonderful training aid, and allows me to do a lot more shooting with a 2" round butt J-frame snubbie than I could do if I had to shoot .32 or .38, but it doesn't mean I can stop logging trigger time on the centerfire guns altogether.

...and, hey! Checking out that HKS link above, I notice that they are making .22 J-frame speedloaders! I know what I want for Christmas now! (The main thing I've been unable to mimic with my Kit Gun has been reloading drills...)

The other purpose of the range trip will be to see if the LTC 9 guiderodectomy was successful, or if the patient needs to go back under the knife. The guide rod had a slight interference fit, but only feels like it's binding anything at the extreme rearward limits of slide travel. If it will wear in with a magazine or two, that's preferable to actually doing any more whittling on it...


angus lincoln said...

Good morning Tam,
I found this guy's product to be an exceptionally useful range tool as well as a great value. It appears he is now offering 6 shot models as well.
On the really cold days,you'll be the envy of all the rimfire shooters at the bench with numb fingertips.
Check it out here:

Matt G said...

Have I mentioned lately that I LOVE that you're doing the productive shooting thing? You are not just turning money into noise; you're a shootist with a purpose. I'm wistful that I'm not racking up 1/4 of your good range time lately. Yet it pleases me to see a friend who is doing it right. You've always had me be beat all hollow as a gun collector and afficianado. But I've generally been able to put a few more rounds in, to a purpose.

But lately (this last half year?) Your round count is blowing mine away, and you're doing it the right way.

May your guns forever need cleaning. :)