Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Perfect training weather.

37 degrees and raining is the perfect weather to be slamming rounds downrange out in the woods, making pepper poppers sound like Chinese opera. (Ting! Tang! TingTing! TangTang! Ting! TangTangTang!)

Note to self: Gloves would have been nice. Thicker socks, too.

On the nature hike prior to shooting, we saw a whitetail big enough to wear a saddle. As he sprinted off through the bean fields, I thought I was looking at a horse at first.

Awesome day.


Anonymous said...

Saw one like that behind a friend's house last summer, within the city limits. First thought was, "What's a cow doing out here?".

Not really practice today, but a confirmation. My first .45 acp reloads work. Yee Haw!


D.W. Drang said...

As we always used to day, "If it ain't rainin', you ain't trainin'."

Also: "Light Fighter Weather, First Sergeant! Hoo-ah"

Geeze, we were dumb...

Word: ferywain.
Which is it, a ferry, or a wagon?

rickn8or said...

And tell us, what does a laughing whitetail sound like?

Something like a quail during deer season?

WV "upent" as in "Upent HOW MUCH at the gun show?"

Anonymous said...

"pepper poppers"??

Tam said...

Steel knock-down targets.

These were doubly cool because they were spring-loaded and self-resetting.

Owen said...

no, 37 and raining is entirely too cold to get punched in the face several thousand times by a rifle with a funky cheekpiece.

(verification: hothon)