Thursday, November 27, 2008

Next up, Paris Hilton on the sociological impact of multigenerational welfare communities...

But first, noted international geopolitical expert Deepak (sweet Jesu, I'm laughing as I type this) Chopra takes time out from writing lame-ass, vague self-help books read by tapioca-willed yuppies to discuss potential exit strategies in the "War on Terror" with Larry King.

I swear to Vishnu, you don't need to know anything about anything for a newsie to interview you, do you? From Meryl Streep whinging about Alar in apples to Rosie O'Donnell on gun control, all you have to be is famous for something... anything, and the media will lend credence to your opinion on everything: Bono on global economics; Al Gore on climatology. Not one of these people could pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel, and yet we're clogging up the datastream with their inane off-topic mutterings. Why?

(PS: ...and before anybody says "Oh, he's from India! We should listen to his opinions on what to do!", may I remind you that Ice Dog Johnson is from South Central, but nobody's springing for his bail money to get his opinions on fixing urban blight...)

(PPS: Seriously, Deepak Chopra? This guy is to serious philosophy what John Tesh is to classical music...)


Anonymous said...

The west does not know much about India nor its culture, religions or traditions. For Deepak Chopra to use his time on TV to essentially imply that Hindu fundamentalists are genocidal and are just as much to blame for all the issues is an outrage, overall a lie, and in this teachable moment, sheds a terrible light on India and Hindus. If he had used the genocide word to describe Christian extremists, people would be outraged. He can't say it though since he is a self hating person who had to convert from hinduism to christianity and now cannot criticize his own faith. Deepak Chopra is a waste of time and a useless person.

shooter said...

Of course the press used Deepak Chopra. He's the only Indian they know with the only name they can pronounce.

George said...

What she said. When Tam's on a roll, I could just read her all day long.

William the Coroner said...

You owe me a new keyboard, Tam.

Timmeehh said...

But Oprah LOVES him!1!1!


"Not one of these people could pour piss out of a boot with instructions printed on the heel"

LOL, I never heard that one before! :)

WV = ingas

What comes out of Deepak's mouth when he bloviates.

errantmind said...

"I swear to Vishnu..."

I snarfed my egg nogg. Today, I am thankful I found your blog.


Anonymous said...

It's great that you mention Deepak. I hope you caught his reference last night that the "War On Terror" is an oxymoron because (using the old Yassir Arafat line) Americans pushing fire buttons at 35,000 feet are just as evil. That terrorists use human bombs because they cannot afford F-18's. Therefore both sides are terrorists depending on ones viewpoint.....

This was a lame line of logic 20 years ago and its pure ignorance and racially biased today. The attempt is to turn the focus on the atrocities being committed against civilian populations by Islamic fundamentalists for their political goals and instead create a feeling of guilt for the death and damage that the west is causing. Well Deepak 'War is damn hell' and you can keep dreaming of the rebirth of the Ottoman Empire but unfortunately it aint happening. Keep blowing up innocent non-combative civilians and we will continue using any and all technology to stop you.

He also makes it a point to mention that there are umpteen billions of Muslims in the world like war is still some kind of numbers game or game of attrition.

I always had this feeling about this guy, well he finally revealed his inner philosophy and this guy is no man of peace. He's made a hundred million bucks in this country and he would still love to see it burn......I hope the networks really pick up on this guys blunder and ruin him. Ahole!

John B said...

(PPS: Seriously, Deepak Chopra? This guy is to serious philosophy what John Tesh is to classical music...)

Again! Tam! Will you marry me!