Saturday, November 29, 2008

Who's the racist?

Xrlq has a brutal fisking of measured response to Tamara Dietrich's handwringing complaints about paranoid racist gun owners here.
A black man gets elected president and half the country dives for the panic room, buying up guns and squirreling away supplies like fatalists awaiting the End of Days.
In case you weren't aware, Ms. Dietrich, the response from gun owners would have been the same if a white woman or a white man had been elected. It's not the color of the skin that panicked Cletus, Zed, and me, but the color of the bunting.

And nobody's stocking up for a war, Ms. Dietrich, it's more of a "get 'em while you can" thing. For instance, if a candidate with a track record of voting to ban bad hairstyles had just been elected, wouldn't you be in line at Sally's, filling the cart with mousse right now?


Old NFO said...

Excellent post and good points Tam!

atlharp said...


The claws come out! Good move Tam!I would have made a disparaging comment concerning her footwear or that she shops for evening gowns at the Dress Barn!

I mean getting "pulse" concerning gun owners from some random blog is like getting the pulse of America from the Upper West Side. PUHLEEESE! The best thing about all this is how clueless people in the media actually are. This is like watching Bob Hope dress up as the Fonz........

KingsideRook said...

Ow. A hearty helping of burnsauce for her.

Nicely put, of course.


Anonymous said...

Like the great King once said, "Can't we all just get along?"

I took the kids out yesterday to anywhere-but-the-mall. One of our stops was my favorite local gun store, Amarillo Gun and Pawn. I was chatting with the owners about the possibility of nominating Barry as shooting industry salesman of the year.

One of the owners told me of a recent visit to a convenience store. The clerk asked him if they still had guns for sale. He answered to the affirmative and asked if she had voted for Obama, as her car had a bumper sticker to that effect. She replied that she had voted for him, but wanted to buy a gun while she still could.

Anonymous said...

Does nobody else remember the rush to the gunstores when Bill Clinton was elected?

Anonymous said...

Here is a copy of the email that I sent to her:

Sorry to disappoint your bigotry, Ma'am, I happen to be buying another ( soon to be banned) gun and more ammunition because of the Color of the Party in power, not the color of the President-elect's skin. I fear the Reds, not the blacks, browns, or whites. The dirty little secret in my family is that Mr Obama has more Caucasian ancestors than I do. I am sure glad I was not in LA during the Rodney King Riots, as I would be so confused, not sure to Riot because of my African ancestors, Defend my self in deference to my honorable Asian ancestors, or Sit on my fat American posterior watching the drama on TV like my Caucasian cousins.
I am buying guns because Mr Obama and friends are various shades of Red.

We see the writing on the wall, we know that the Pelosi-Reid gang is chomping at the bit, ready to force more insane restrictions on law abiding citizens in a futile attempt to stop law breakers from breaking laws.

I do not listen to the platitudes and pontifications emanating from the Dear Leader's mouth, I prefer to use his past as a prediction tool for his future performance. Mr. Obama is no friend of the second amendment. His deeds have proven that in the state senate and what little he did in the US Senate followed the same pattern. He is gathering like minded people to his cabinet and as unofficial advisors. Yes I will admit that there are some angry white racists trolling the boards that you sought out. How nice of you to pepper your piece with cherry picked quotes as you try to tar all gun owners with the same brush. Who is more bigoted, a couple of mouth breathing idiots on the Internet, or the person who uses the newspaper's soapbox and her creative writing skills in lieu of her journalism skills to cast dispersions on 100 Million normal Americans who happen to own guns?

I wonder how loudly you would howl and what expletives you would use if they were to restrict your first amendment rights by limiting access to high speed, mass distribution media, maybe forcing all paid scriveners to register with the state and keep a database on your personal style of word usage, just in case some anonymous seditious message were to be penned. Ahh yes pens, the original weapon of the scribe - mightier than the sword, they say. Maybe all such tool of your trade should be licensed, taxed and restricted at the whim of your elected masters. It sure would stop a lot of drive by defamation. It would give 100 million Americans relief from being slurred with bigoted labels like "gun nut" "Rambo" "redneck" etc. Yet I would not support such restrictions on the first amendment as they all are equally inviolate. ( besides I may have to turn in my custom nibbed Namiki Pilot Vanishing Point fountain pens and my quick reload cartridges of ink.)

Personally, I do not like the AR-15 or the AK-47 style rifles, having spend too many years carrying a real M-16 and all the AK clones come from totalitarian regimes that I would rather not support with my dollars. But I am buying one of each, since they are sure to increase in value after the ban - a hedge fund of wood, steel and polymer I guess you could say. My preferred weapon of choice is the venerable M-14 clone. Large calibre, large capacity magazines and long distance knock-down power. I bought mine right before the last so-called Assault weapon ban was enacted, and it has served me well. I hunt with it using a standard capacity magazine, I shoot in competitions, long range and standard 300 meter matches, shooting paper, bowling pins and ringing steel plate gongs out to 1000 meters. Yes over half a mile 0.6241 to be exact. I own pistols, revolvers, rifles, shotguns, fowling pieces and muskets. I use them all, each for a different purpose, just as I use pencils, ballpoint pens, fountain and dip pens, typewriters, and computers. As a matter of fact, this missive is being composed on a Panasonic Toughbook, the same model used by the military in Iraq and Afghanistan. Not a look-alike clone like the rifles we are permitted to own by our benevolent government, but the real thing! I did not have to go through a background check for this mil standard piece of first amendment hardware either. Isn't freedom wonderful?

It is interesting that the states and cities with the most restrictive gun laws have the most crime. Maybe you can get some Government Grant money to fund a study as to why criminals prefer unarmed victims. I would love to read the report. Maybe you can even use some of the money to take refresher courses in objectivity and journalistic ethics.


Xavier said...

On target again.

Billll said...

Sure one side of me wants to discuss the issue in a rational manner, pointing out the lies, half-truths, bigotry, and whatnot in the article.

The other side of me remembers that every culture in the world has a folksy saying about the wisdom of arguing with crazy people, and they all say the same thing.

staghounds said...

You're just angry because she has such a cool first name.

Seriously- we've made it a crime and economic death to engage in racist acts.

We've made it social death to express racist, or even racist sounding, thoughts.

And in case anyone didn't notice, on January 20th we're going to hand the POWERS OF SHIVA to a BLACK MAN.

As far as I'm concerned, racism in America is a problem like my being abducted and held in luxurious confinement for the sexual pleasure of the girls from the latest Louboutin show is a problem.

Theoretical, at most.

Xrlq said...

"Does nobody else remember the rush to the gunstores when Bill Clinton was elected?"

I don't, but I do remember the Great Assault Panic of 1994, when I ended up paying waaaayyyyy too much for a Mini-14 that ended up not being banned anyway.

Anonymous said...

Oleg Volk has the perfect bitter clinger picture, put up today, for Ms. Dietrich's screed.

Oleg Volk said...

The joke there is that the person shown voted for Obama -- but clings to his guns anyway.

phlegmfatale said...

I dunno, Tam-- Ms. Dietrich may not care about mousse, but I'll bet she clings bitterly to her anal bleach.

Robert Langham said...

Don't look now but America as a racist society, a belief i always considered bovine by-product has been proven FALSE. Black people, (whatever the heck you ever thought "black people" were) can do whatever they choose to do. There aren't any racist walls. Their aren't any colored ceilings. It was all phoney hype.
Now, after Obama, if a person does or doesn't do something, it isn't the effect of having varying amounts of melanin in their skin: It's whether THEY wanted it done or not.
Be free folks. Racism is dead.

Divemedic said...

Robert, you have it wrong- racism against anyone who is not black is alive and well.

Anonymous said...

How many Americans with lighter skin pigmentation were accused of racism in the last few weeks simply because they did not vote for or support Barry?

Just a question to mull over.

Billll said...


All of them.

I expect that anyone who raises an objection to anything the Lightworker proposes will meet the same fate. It draws attention away from any actual faults with the proposal.