Thursday, November 27, 2008

It's a photoshop contest!

Sebastian at Snowflakes In Hell is taking submissions for HS Precision's next ad campaign.

Let your inner snark off the leash. :)


Brad K. said...

When packing for a banging good weekend, let the FBI Snipers point the way. Shot of assorted rifles, shotguns, grenades - and a newly-arrived carton from H-S Precision. And a campus map.

Not only do too many of us not recall history, many of us are too young to read the news, if someone doesn't text it to them.

Sadly, Ruby Ridge falls into a gap, between current events, and what the Politically Sensitive will put into history books.

Matt G said...

I'm in.

But Ted's is slicker.

Kristopher said...

Climb the clock tower with HS Precision!

Jay G said...

I'm in.

KingsideRook said...

Likewise -

Enjoy, hope someone enjoys it.