Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Everybody's sleepin' off the weekend.

Saturday morning started at 0600 with the feeding of the cats and the making of the coffee and the very hasty ablutions, because Shootin' Buddy showed up at 0730 so we could saddle up and head for the bowling pin shoot at Marion County Fish & Game.

We arrived at the match and met up with Turk Turon, and proceeded to do much shooting and cheering and freezing. Red and Mrs. Red showed up, but they hadn't brought his new 1911, just a camera. Maybe next time. The whole thing would have had a much higher suck quotient if Turk hadn't thought to bring some of those little chemical hand warmers, which he generously passed around. Toss one of those things in a North Face mountaineering glove and your digits will stay toasty warm. Thanks, Turk! Also, the match would have been a lot harder on my digits without my awesome Blackhawk tactical gloves, which are thin enough to allow shooting and a lot grippier on a teflon-painted pistol than my poor bare fingers.

After two tournaments, we punked out, leaving the hardier souls starting a third, and piled into two vehicles to caravan across town for... Naked Tchopstix! At RobertaX's recommendation, I ordered Dolsot Bibimbap, which is an awesome cast-iron bowl that is brought to the table sizzling hot and full of beef and rice and cabbage and peppers and comes with a little container of spicy Korean barbecue sauce which you can dump over the sizzling contents of the bowl and then hold your face in the resultant steam cloud to clear your sinuses and warm your soul.

After lunch we went on a little gun store crawl, first to Bradis out on the west side and then down to Elmore's in Greenwood. Elmore's was frickin' awesome; it's a rare thing to see a gun store with about 20 high end 1911's in the showcase: Ed Brown, Nighthawk, Wilson... Great selection! Literally hundreds of more mundane pistols, too. Their showcases looked like I wanted CCA's to. If they were closer to home, I'd be begging them for a job.

After that, we headed out onto the lonesome prairie for dinner at Brigid's, where there was simply amazing homemade yumminess in the form of portabello mushroom turnovers in a sour cream sauce for an appetizer and a main course of delicious lasagna. I was sent home with, not only leftover lasagna, but the most sinfully delicious sammich spread I have ever tried: homemade cashew butter. I will never eat Jif again.

We staggered home at ten-ish and were sleeping not an hour later because the alarm was set to go off at 0600 Sunday, too, so we could do even more fun stuff!

My friend showed up at 0800, and we left Roberta behind and headed out for breakfast, and thence to Eagle Creek, because we just hadn't gotten our fill of shooting outdoors in the freezing cold the day before. When we got back to Roseholme Cottage, Shootin' Buddy offered to help rake the front lawn and, not being a complete idiot, I heartily took him up on the offer.

Meanwhile, Turk and Roberta had wandered off for a snack. When they got back we all loaded up and set off for the Blog Meet at Fionn MacCool's Irish Pub.

So, if I wasn't super-productive yesterday and my typing sounded like I had the sniffles or was coming down with a cold, and maybe it seemed like I was taking a three-hour nap on the sofa, now you know why. It was a pretty go-go weekend, and I'd do it again in a minute...


Brigid said...

Sorry I had to work this weekend. . but dinner was good. . .my leftovers somehow disappeared during the night. Prairie mice, I tell ya.

Turk Turon said...

Awesome weekend!

Awesome shooting, awesome friends, awesome food, awesome gunstores!

I just wish I could do it every weekend.

Carteach0 said...

Man, I miss out on all the kewl stuff!

There in spirit :-)

Divemedic said...

Everybody's sleepin' off the weekend?

Wasn't that a song on the Loverboy reunion album?

D.W. Drang said...

Sheer jealousy of what an awesome weekened you had when I had to be a) on the left coast, and b) working, impels me to point out that Dolsot BiBimBap is supposed to be served in a stone bowl. That's what "dolsot" means. Whether you can use that bit of Korean to wrangle a free bowl out of them, I don't know.

Tam said...

Mebbe it was stone. RobertaX says it was. All I know is that it was blessedly hot!

Cowboy Blob said...

The "spicy Korean barbecue sauce" is called kochujang (made from red pepper and rice mostly). Goes great on sammiches too!

Mashi issumnida! (Tastes great!)

Ritchie said...

For a better grip with cold/dry hands, try a thin coat of tincture of benzoin. Sort of like liquid rosin.

Larry said...

umm, bibimbap! ch'ong mal jowahamnida.

It's not really considered breakfast food, but it's usually served with an egg either over-easy or sunny-side-up on top. So on my days off I would roll downtown mid-morning to get breakfast, and usually order bibimbap. If I was in a less sociable mood, it would be scrambled eggs, rice from the always-warm ricecooker, and a side of kimchi at home.

I really miss good Korean food. The DFAC here has kimchi on occasion, but it's.... ungood.