Friday, December 12, 2008

Another cold one.

Looks like it'll be a balmy 22 degrees at Eagle Creek tomorrow morning. More good training weather!

Note To Self: Put Ciener kit on Colt before beddy-bye.


Carteach said...

Speaking of training weather....
Okay, so this question has nothing to do with weather (g).

Tam, I crawled a gun shop or two yesterday, and came across a Czech VZ24 in decent condition. 1937, crest intact, BRNO action, correct swivals, wood: war torn but intact, sight hood in place, bore maybe 70% and darkish but rifling usable.

Only $150, which seems kinda low. It was on consignment, and I suspect they set the price lower than it could have been to move it quickly.

Thoughts? Snap it up as an investment Mauser? Run away? Waver back and forth till someone else buys it?


Tam said...

I think a decent Mauser for under two bills is darn near a no-brainer these days. :)