Sunday, December 21, 2008


It is ten frickin' degrees Fahrenheit out there right now, with a wind chill of... well, I don't even want to think about it. Today's high is supposed to be a balmy 14F. I want to speak to Al Gore right this instant; my global warmening is defective. I was promised Palm Beach-like weather (with the special bonus of the drowning of New York and Boston!) and it's not happening fast enough to suit me.

Now, I know my readers in Frozen Moose Sac, Alaska and Tlkkjjjmkkjjko, Finland are getting a kick out of my whining because what I call "soul-destroying, mind-numbing, bone-cracking cold", you call "November", but at least I won't have to hear any more "You can't be cold; it's not even winter yet!" 'cause you know what? It's officially winter as of today.

And it feels like it.


Carteach said...

I'm sorry.... but that just makes me (g). Okay.... I'm not really sorry.

25 here, and I'm feeling the cold. 14? Brrr...... at that point I'd be fighting to push the cat over on the heat vent.

Good weather to brew up a crock of chili.

Hope it warms up there next week, to at least something reasonable. BRRrrr.

Jon said...

So, what you're saying is you don't want to visit the Dakotas? :D

I think the warmest we've been all week was just into the high single digits.

Course, everyone thinks I'm nuts cause I *like* it this way ;)

Don't worry Tam, there are only 4ish more months of this beautiful weather left.

Earl said...

I hear that you will adapt to the coming ice age, or the glaciers will grind your bones as they advance.

Rabbit said...

You moved to the wrong state.

Texas has 4 seasons...really we do! They're called December, January, February and Hell.

Even though it was 75 Thursday and Friday, it's 23 this morning. On the other hand, it was in the 20's last Tuesday, too. With ice.

For some crazed reason, I've had this desire to visit Iceland. I don't know why...I frickin' hate the cold. On the other hand, living on an island that is for all intents an active volcano which is the tectonic plate division line between North America and Europe does sound rather thrilling.


Anonymous said...

By Al Gore's modeling all extreme weather, whether too hot or too cold, is caused by global warming. That way, no matter WHAT happens, he's always right.

Zdogk9 said...

This came to mind while reading your post.

On a Christmas Day we were mushing our way over the Dawson trail.
Talk of your cold! through the parka's fold it stabbed like a driven nail.
If our eyes we'd close, then the lashes froze till sometimes we couldn't see;
It wasn't much fun, but the only one to whimper was Sam McGee.

Anonymous said...

A low of 58, this morning. Probably hit 80 again, this afternoon...

Y'all have fun, y'hear?

:-), Art

Anonymous said...

Apparently you didn't get the's not "global warming" anymore, you're supposed to refer to it as "climate change".

Here in Twin Outhouse, MN it's a balmy -12, with northwest winds at 25 MPH. We won't even mention the windchill.

Anonymous said...

Blackwing, did you get white outs yesterday afternoon also? Was clear and cold at -13 at midnight this morning though. The snow squeaked even.

theirritablearchitect said...

"By Al Gore's modeling all extreme weather, whether too hot or too cold, is caused by global warming. That way, no matter WHAT happens, he's always right"

Which, if you visit your desk reference copy of the DSM-IV, will show this to be a classic symptom of all certifiable loons.

I'm not kidding.

Anonymous said...

48 with a hi of 64 predicted here in the sunny desert southwest.

My dream is for Algore to build a summer house here, so that whenever he visits we're treated to delightfully cool temperatures.


Anonymous said...

Been 18 below here in sunny Wyoming off and on the past week or two. A few warmer nites of 10 to 12 below. Sometimes it warms up to 5 or 10 (above!) in the daytime. The dogs (Malamutes) don't even want to go out for very long.

I think I'm about cured of wanting to move to Alaska.

Thinking of doing a gun test next time it gets to 20 below or more. Round up examples of various things to try after leaving them in the cold overnight.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention we had CCW qualifications at the range yesterday, Temp 5 and falling. Snow coming down at the rate of a an inch an hour, now there were some dedicated people.

I was working at the DPMS shop and I wanted to go out and play with my .308 but with the mass of orders we have I had to work on Saturday.

Anonymous said...

"That way, no matter WHAT happens, he's always right."

I've got an ex-wife like that. GF's sister, too, but she's more pleasant about it.

And Memphians are enjoying a lovely 29 today.

Happy Solstice, Y'all!

Rob K said...

Fourteen! Lucky! It didn't break 10 here today and I'm barely 50 miles north of you. AND the wind has blown like a box fan on high all day! is saying the RealFeel right now is -27. Late this afternoon, I checked the thermometer on the kitchen wall: about 30 degrees. Why ever did I buy an old farm house?

On a Wing and a Whim said...

I'm actually kinda fond of 14. It's not really cold, but it's not up right around the extreme nastiness of slush and sliding cars that comes in the high twenties.

Of course, we all know I'm a wimp as far as Alaskans go; I fled neg 40's in Fairbanks for balmy coastal weather down in Anchorage. And I shoot at an indoor range.