Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fun show!

Went by the gun show at the Jacobs Building yesterday. The parking lot was filled slap up, and folks were parked willy-nilly in overflow parking and there was a line to get in.

I got a chance to see all my peeps, although I felt a little doofy when I was talking to various of my mentors like Ralph and, later, Bill:

Me: "...and I got a Colt 1902! For only, like, about six bills! Bob just made a takedown plug for it."

Them: "Very good! Do you have it with you?"

Me: "Yeah, but... uh... I forgot and left it in the trunk of the car, which is parked in, like, the outback of Botswana."

Now, don't get me wrong here; Indianapolis has fantastic gun shows. The Indy 1500 is better than double the size of the best show here in K-town, but there are two things it doesn't have: The Crockett Creek beef jerky lady and tables of ammo from Georgia Arms. I managed to get a bag of my Blazin' Cajun gun show sacrament, but Georgia Arms didn't set up at this show, which was a bummer.

(By-the-by, if anyone needs a takedown plug for a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer, Coal Creek Armory has probably the only one for sale in christiandom. If anyone needs a Colt 1903 Pocket Hammer to go with the takedown plug, I am given to understand that Randy's up on Broadway inexplicably still has the one for sale that I should have bought a year ago.)


phlegmfatale said...

Gun show at Dallas Market Hall next week... beef jerky... mmmm...

Carteach said...

(insert evil laugh here)

Guess who cruised down to Plainfield and snagged a 1934 Beretta (9mm short) with two magazines for a resoundingly cheap sum?


Goldwater's Ghost said...

Georgia Arms didn't make the Fayette-nam show at the beginning of the month, either.

Promoter told me that it's because they can't put together enough inventory to make it worth going to the show. (Website says 5-7 weeks behind on shipments)

Dr. StrangeGun said...

GA Arms has made me happy that I've adopted 10mm as my "stepchild" caliber.

I ordered quite a bit of it during the run-up to the recent rush; not only was it in stock, it probably still is, and I'm pretty sure it cost less than .45acp does now, thanks to demand.

Now, if I could only get that damned MechTech running right...