Sunday, December 21, 2008

Break out your Law & Order skillz...

...'cause Ted of The Line Is Here has a question.

Help him out.


Anonymous said...

Yup. My question was why the police took his gun?

wv: "igelinnu" hmm..

Mattexian said...

If he surrendered his gun to police, does it still count as confiscation? Perhaps, will this crime be used by HCI as another statistic of "youts shot by eeeevil guns"? Does it count as "baiting the trap" by turning out the lights and waiting for them? (You're the one who brought up the Bernie Goetz incident.)

Rabbit said...

I can tell you that in Texas, at 12:36 AM, in one's home, that'd be called a 'good and righteous shoot' by a grand jury.

And yes, sometimes, even in Texas, the LEO's would take your firearm into temporary custody.

MattG, any differing information?

Myself, I'm thinking there's some underlying information that's missing here, such as why a Mercedes-driving, golf team swinging college yob wanted into this house so badly.

I'm thinking drugs, photos of country club boy's girlfriend doing unseemly things, or photos of cc boy doing unseemly things.

wv- notorapp. Sounds like CC Boy's Myspace name.