Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The old college try.

So I sat down to try and be sociable and watch a bowl game with Gunsmith Bob and his folks. I dusted off my football knowledge and prepared to be on the other side of the cheering section, since they were all rooting for the SEC team while I was pulling for the school from my home town.

Unfortunately, North Avenue Trade School didn't give me much to cheer about. The last time they were involved in a drubbing like that, it was 1916, and they were the ones dispensing the ass whuppin'.


Anonymous said...

I just can't care about ball games. I suppose one can use Jefferson's advice to his nephew as an excuse, but I don't. I'm just not interested.
Sacrilege, around here, but then I prefer ALMS & Honda bikes to NASCAR & Harleys.
I agreed with the post the other day, re "Who's winning?" The ones with the most points, of course, whoever they may be.

Anonymous said...

Oh how I hate to see LSWho win, but the Bumblebees were just outclassed.

Anonymous said...

During my stint at Ga Tech, I learned a few things:

The basketball stadium was called the Tit.

The Varsity serves the best onion rings in the world.

Hooters is considered a mental health food store by most students there.

All the really neat stuff gets done in the basement labs.

Football is there for fulfillment of your required hours in disappointment.

Glad I could help.

Anonymous said...

Since you dad has an association with the trade school, and the coach has the same name as your favorite uncle, it was a depressing New Year's Eve