Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I really like the little Steyr-Mannlicher M.95 straight-pull carbine. It's handy, fast, and packs a wallop. The only problem is that for eons, the only ammo you could get was Jerry surplus stuff from the '30s with primers so corrosive they'd practically etch the bore before your eyes. Shooting it meant the entire rigamarole of soapy water or copious amounts of Windex in addition to regular cleaning.

Worse, reloading components were pretty much unavailable.

Now Graf & Sons has Hornady loading ammo for the caliber. I should get some; a 205gr JSP should thump nicely on both ends...


ajdshootist said...

Tam do you have any info on the 6.5x54 Model 1903 Mannlicher Schoenauer Rifles, i have Two take downs and have been trying to find out more about them.AJD

Anonymous said...

I have a picture of my buddy Ed shooting his carbine with some of the old heavy ball roundnose, just at sunset. The blast is longer than the barrel.
As for Festivus, Nollaig Feshona Dhuit. Betcha Bridget could translate it for you.
And it predates Christmas. Used to be used for the winter solstice Celtic stuff, so enjoy.
P.S., check your e-mail.

Anonymous said...

Also, buddy Ed reloads for 8x50 and 8x56, using either .348 Win or 7.62x54 Russian. I'd have to check with him on that.

Firehand said...

Yeah, I think that WILL thump at both ends...


Anonymous said...

I still have several hundred rounds of the ol Nazi ammo for my little Budapest carbine. Although I like the boom and the punch (at both ends) my M-N 38's give more boom and flash. I guess it's the powder.

I just started loading for my M95 this past summer. I had been wondering around inside The Reloading Bench (Mt. Juliet), when I saw that they had the 205 JSP's. Quickly checking the brass bins, I was able to find a hundred cases in bags. Looking on the shelves and found the dies, from Lee.

It wasn't any more difficult to load for than my 30-30's. I use 44 grains of Varget and the rounds shot to the sights like '38 Nazi milsurp ammo, out of my carbine. Haven't tried 3031 powder yet yet.

Next year's deer season, hopefully, I'll get a chance to try them against a something other than paper targets.


Anonymous said...

Oh, good. Just the x56.

Mine's still x50.

Now I don't have to say "ooh, I need to get some ammo for it..."

(I've got one bag from a gun show, on the clips, and it makes things corrode being in the same room.)

- Unix-Jedi