Wednesday, December 31, 2008


1) The Tennessee trip is winding to a close. Gunsmith Bob and I had lunch with Unc, Michael Silence, Insty, and Helen today at Stir Fry Cafe. One of these days I'm going to remember to jot stuff down at these things because the conversation is always witty, and I thought to myself at least a half-dozen times "Oh, that's perfect; I am so blogging that..." I will hopefully be seeing Jen for lunch tomorrow. It's back to Far Off Frozen Cold North Yankee Land on Friday morn.

2) For the three of you that haven't yet seen it, here's Stingray's paean to everyone's favorite internet species. Bonus cool points if you get the Gunkid reference.

3) Matt delivers a thoughtful post for the year's end. Me? I got nothin' but this batch of links you're reading, unless the bluebird of inspiration alights on my hat brim and makes a deposit between now and midnight.


Anonymous said...

Must get a supressed belt fed 22lr AR upper ...

Did tippman make any?

Anonymous said...

Sadly, it's less than 2 years till Melvins release.

I'm thinking about starting a pool for how long after his release he starts trolling, and which forum he hits first.

Anonymous said...

"Far Off Frozen Cold North Yankee Land"

Heh, K'ville *is*, at least from where I'm sitting and its 32 here.

wv : drabb

What its like here, at least for another 2 or so hours until I start launching a few mortar shells and rockets.

Happy New Year Tam, and every one else.


Unknown said...

Mel's release may spark a run on tactical wheelbarrows...

Arcadia Iris said...

My brain stopped when "cool" and "Gunkid" ended up in the same sentence together. Which I suppose means I get the bonus points. I'm not sure how I feel about that.

Happy New Year, Tam!

Word Verification: vieryop ... There's a lolcat joke in there somewhere, I'm sure.