Saturday, December 13, 2008

Seen in email:

“Illinois - where our Governors make our license plates”


Anonymous said...

My GOD, you just gave me the way to turn Indiana into not only a desireable spot, but possibly also a tourist attraction!!!!

New Indiana Tag:

"We're Not Illinois!"

Captcha: "Fecrous".
Function: adjective
1 : containing, consisting of, or being pus (a fecrous discharge) (a fecrous lesion)
2 : accompanied by suppuration (fecrous meningitis)

"Illinois is full of the most Fecrous politicians in the world"

Anonymous said...

"He's just some governor in my neighborhood."

Rob K said...

Heh! Only if their license plates are made at the federal pen down in Terre Haute, current home of former Ill-Annoy governor George Ryan.

"Illinois! Our governors end up in Indiana!"

"Illinois! We elect our governors to four to twenty years!"

"Illinois! Our governors get time off for good behavior!"

Anonymous said... may have one of our ex-governors...o.k. maybe will never have a Mike Royko....

Anonymous said...

Thank GOD for that! Who the hell wants that gun grabbing asshole anyway?

Anonymous said...

Rob K, Og, and Thrill pretty much covered the humor side of it.
I wish we could loan Chris Dodd and all our congressweasels to Terre Haute for a few years, and get our spineless RINO Governess a new job as kindergarden teacher.
Oh well, the taxes go up, but they're afraid to touch our guns.
And, interestingly enough, my ex-brother-in-law the ambulance chaser pointed out to me at the last family wedding that Connecticut has a certain panache among gun rights advocates.
It seems that back in 1895 the ASPCA or somebody tried to get hunting outlawed.
The Connecticut Supreme Court, following on an (at that time) recent ruling by the U.S. Supremes that the constitutions of the U.S. and Commonwealth of Virginia were legally the same document, used debate on the fourth amendment (2nd in the Federal) to determine the case.
The debate over the preamble determined that A) citizens had the right and responsibility to defend the country, through Posse Comitatus, B) they had the right to hunt, within reasonable limits and seasons to be established by the states, and C) they had the right to armed self defense.
It was challenged, and the U.S. Supreme Court refused to accept it for adjudication, making it the primary national precedent on the subject.
So, they do have the right to draft us (comitatus), but we can off badguys who present a real threat, and go hunting come November.
Plus, the dingleberries who try to stop our hunts all spend some serious time in jail. Hopefully with Big Jamal, who's in for life and has nothing to lose.

Drang said...

Og: Methinks you are thinking of someone other than the late, lamented Chicago journalist Mike Royko, veteran, friend of Slats Grobnik, mostly a liberal who had a Road To Damascus conversion on the mater of gun rights after being mugged.

Anonymous said...

DW Drang, I know the man painfully well, and in fact took a swing at him once. He did not have a conversion, and he went to his grave too damned early, they're working double shifts in hell trying to catch up with him. The "conversion" about which you speak was sarcasm, I remember the column well. And the "gun nut" you might remember him writing columns about? My former father-in-law.

Royko was an ass in life, and in death, hell can't be hot enough. Sure, he wrote a mean column, but that doesn't excuse him being an ass in general

Rabbit said...

Louisiana seems to have Edwin Edwards running a stamping press if I recall correctly. We used to have him in Ft.Worth, but sent him back because he was a bad influence on the convicts.

3 to 2 odds he gets a presidential pardon in January from 44.


The Sniper said...