Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This is becoming a pattern...

Once again I am helping someone sell a rifle for which I would cheerfully commit any three of the seven deadly sins:
Custom Wild West Guns Marlin 1895 in 45-70.
It's their Co-pilot model just NOT a take-down. About 150-200
rounds through it and it shoots VERY well. It is used but in EXCELLENT
condition. Bought new in 1998. Specs are:

Barrel shortened to 16" and Ported
Action and trigger tuned up
"Bear-proof" extractor
Trijicon Front bead, Ghost ring rear sight
Kevlar synthetic stocks w/ Decelorator pad
Satin Hard Chrome finish
Picatinny mount on magazine tube for light or laser

Accessories include:

Ashley Scout Scope mount (not mounted)
Load data
RCBS Die set
332 pieces new Starline brass
140 pieces once fired brass
202 300 gr Remington HP bullets
113 405 gr Soft point bullets
150 Kodiak 405 grain FMJ flat-nose solid Bonded Core bullets
1 box 300 grain Nosler Partition bullets
about 40 rounds of HOT handloads with the 405 grain Kodiak bullets
hard gun case
Do want! But can't afford. Maybe it's up the alley of one of y'all, though. Email me if this is your kind of thing...


Anonymous said...

A nice looking and incredibly practical gun. Someone will have a use for it. Plus, it's a thumper.

Anonymous said...

Asking Price?

WV: comorini: the condition in which you share a competition pistol at the Olympic Games.

Anonymous said...

I guess if ya' have ta' ask, ya' can't afford it...

Looks nice; don't need; still want!


Somerled said...

It would be a compact Christmas present for a bush pilot or anyone who travels in rough country. There's no wood to scratch or warp, either.

Anonymous said...

Which three sins, just out of hopefully perverse curiosity?

test word "wriallis," which is what you justifably would pull out of my midsection if I asked the above in person.

staghounds said...

She did say any three.

Which isn't much of an offer from someone who commits all of them daily, just for fun.

NotClauswitz said...

Today I came across a cased set of *early* (1921 or so) nickle 1903's with pearl handles in PERFECT mirror bright condition - you could comb your hair in the reflection, with a nickled baby .25 Auto nestled between them as gorgeous as the Baby Jesus in a Creche on Christmas. At $4300 for the set I can't afford 'em either. Damn.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't ported I would be jumping all over this.

How much does your friend want for this anyway?

I live just west of the Indiana State Fairgrounds.


Anonymous said...


The porting isn't too loud on this one.

Tam said...

I'm not 100% sure on price, but I think he was asking $1450 for the works.

Email me @ TamSlick A T aol D O T com and I'll put you in touch with him.

Anonymous said...

They are local to me, and did some work on my Marlin. Lately the quality of their workmanship has seemed to slip, and their customer service has been poor for years.

Tam said...

Well, since this one was built ten years ago, I hope it falls outside of "lately". ;)

Anonymous said...

The one in the picture has been flawless.

Anonymous said...

Nice gun.

I already have a lever, but not a carbine. I would also want the break down version, but the work done to this one is tempting.


Jay G said...

I dunno.

Synthetic furniture on a lever gun just seems so wrong...

It's kinda like an AR with wood furniture. Maybe if you had one of those and sold the two as a matching pair...

Anonymous said...

"Synthetic furniture on a lever gun just seems so wrong..."

See, this reminds me of guys who hate the new colors on the Les Paul Customs. "Black Beauty or bust!"

I think it's cool.

Tam said...

Heh. I think it's one of the most brutally functional longarms I've seen this side of a 14" Reminton 870 entry gun.

And that's a good thing.

Jay G said...

Notice I didn't say I didn't lust for it. Just that it's wrong.

Sometimes something can be so wrong, yet so right...