Tuesday, December 02, 2008

What's the news from the front?

Any official response from Remington or CZ USA on their use of product from H-S Precision yet?

I've already put a moratorium on buying Remington ammo, which sucks because their blue label Target .22 is what my Ciener conversion likes best, and their UMC stuff is often the best price at the local Gander Mountain. You'd think that, given the speed of Tommy Milner's (that's tommy.millner@remington.com !) reaction to the Zumbo fiasco, that he'd have his finger on the pulse of this one, too, but I haven't seen a "We're looking into it," or a "Screw y'all, we're sticking with Lon," or anything.

I'd like to know if I'm going to be able to put my birthday ducats towards a CZ-452 in January as planned, also.


Carteach0 said...

CZ? Dang.... and I already own a 452 trainer. Well... you can borry it if you wish.

KingsideRook said...

You know how I feel about these bandwagoning yahoos, but a gent on ARFcom did claim to receive a positive, "This is not good, we'll get started on it" from Senor Milner.

To get this thread back on topic - update from Tommy Millner at Remington:

Because its thanksgiving and everyone is off, we have not made contact with HS. We have taken any reference to HS from our web site..

When you first emailed me I honestly did not recall horiuchi's name so you caught me unawares. I also do not read the blogs so the fact there was an issue came as a surpise.

In any event, HS makes a great product and we are a large customer of theirs. Why they would pick a super controversial spokesperson is beyond me. Doing this violates pure business common sense. Early next week we will use whatever persuasive powers at our disposal to get HS to do the right thing..

Do me a favor and tell those on the bolgs that Remington and I are now fully aware of the issue, in full agreement with the outrage, and will do what we can t exert pressure on HS to reverse course.





Provided that's genuine, it's good news. I mention it because, internet-wide, as of this posting, it's the only thing I've seen, and I looked. My polite email to H-S remains unanswered, for example.


Dr. StrangeGun said...

I recall reading from someone else that CZ hasn't been using H-S products for a while now. It's hearsay though, I've no proof.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yes, I'm settling for WWB or even Magtech for ammo purchases until I hear more from Remington about HS. Ideally, HS would do the right thing and put this to bed post haste.

Anonymous said...

I think you're over-reacting. I wouldn't buy a product that uses an H-S Precision stock, and I certainly hope the market as a whole abandons them, but my notion of personal responsibility means I would not boycott Remington immediately because of something a supplier does...

For my part, I think Remington should quietly drop them, and not comment at all - it wasn't Remington's flub.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I'm not, personally, boycotting Remington, per se. If it's the only ammo available when I am buying I'd probably still get it. But it's a point against them. Same thing with a bolty rifle. It's like they got a scathing and justified product review in a major publication. I will work harder to find an alternative, but... if my requirements only fit one particular Remington model, then... I guess I'll get it. One of my requirements is now "if the stock H-S? If so, veto."

Of course, H-S could come to their senses and disavow the connection. Then my feelings will just be a bad taste in my mouth for H-S products, and nothing at all against Remington. If buying/selecting a Remington rifle, I won't dig too deep as to the stock brand. H-S will no longer be a positve selling point in my book, but a distancing from Lon will mean it's not much of a negative either.

If the CEO of H-S publically horsewhips the marketing person responsible AND Lon Horiuchi, and puts the footage on youtube, H-S will be a value-added feature from that point on.

Earl said...

I used the address Tam provided and left a note, and tonight I have a nice response waiting for me. Remington is fine, thank you very much for the email address, Tam.