Monday, February 23, 2009

Oh, yeah!


UPDATE: Be there. I will.


Nathan Brindle said...

There may need to be a Hoosier contingent to the Chicago Tea Party, come July.

kahr40 said...

...and a Tarheel contigent.

Anonymous said...


reflectoscope said...

I like this guy.


MCSA said...

Tam, check your email...

(No shit, the captcha was "chess")

-Less (posting as MCSA)

Sgt.Fathead said...

We 'originals' from NJ are there, even if have to get the Gloucester fisherman to row us over again.


og said...

Mail me, I'll try to be there as well.

the pawnbroker said...

if this is for reals, we are now entertained and excited.

i'll be there in spirit, and ms. tamara keel is are hereby entrusted with my proxy.

a jackson in the jar towards travel expenses...or soup or bacon as ye see fit.

can't wait to read about the party!

wv: aggon...tam's a gon to chitown!