Thursday, February 12, 2009

It's like they made it just for me...

If the key to a good movie is machine guns and dead Nazis, then this will be Citizen Frickin' Kane.


Anonymous said...

Now that looks fun. It's almost enough to make me go to a real theater instead of waiting for a dvd.

In the meantime, how about machine guns and undead nazis?

Anonymous said...

i remember the first one, it was spelled correctly.


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It made me laugh.

Anonymous said...

Damn, won't be able to see it until we get back from the sandbox!

Anonymous said...

MG42s and Quentin Tarantino!
Life doesn't get any better.

Rabbit said...

I think I just got a chubby.


Baseball bats.

Owen said...

amazing I'm all over it.

CastoCreations said...

I just felt a chill go down my leg.

Actually my whole body. :) LOVE the trailer. I hope it's as good as it looks. I will have way more respect for Brad Pitt if it is a truly kick ass nazi killin' movie.

Anonymous said...

Somewhere in Hollywood there's an in-joke about why they took the name of WWII frogman and soldier-actor Aldo Ray, and put "-ne" on the end to make a name for the lead character in this. Sure, it sounds better than Ernie Borgninene or Telly Savalasne.

Out there they say that AIDS is why the industry is fresh out of new ideas. YMMV, but I'd say that excuse is wearing pretty thin.

Isaac Coverstone said...

There is no such thing as gratuitous violence when Nazis are involved. Looks awesome.

alath said...

I dunno. The tone of the trailer struck me as almost farcical. Putting Ubersturmblissninny Pitt in the lead role is not exactly promising, either.

Just as guess, and not much to go on, but this looks to me like one of those movies for liberals who want to go see a violent movie, but have to be reassured by making the warriors ridiculous and the violence pointless, thus "deconstructing" violence as a means of solving problems. This way, they can eat cake while telling the rest of us what a bad food choice cake is.

Or, maybe I'm just reading too much in to a trailer.

Tam said...

Tarantino flicks are rarely that cerebral. You can't read much into them that you don't carry in past the opening credits yourself.

Expect over-the-top, mindless cartoonish violence. This isn't a sensitive tribute to our men in uniform like Band of Brothers, it's Army of Darkness with Nazis instead of skeletons and zombies.

And I'm totally good with that.

Anonymous said...

Tam sure knows how to pick a Chick Flick!

Anonymous said...

How about one with Nazi Zombies

Anonymous said...

"it's Army of Darkness with Nazis instead of skeletons and zombies."

that's quote of the day material right there.

wv: hydranti

italian for canine pisspot?

phlegmfatale said...

I couldn't stop giggling.


Anonymous said...


Beesbool bats!!! Me lik'um beesbool bats.

So visceral and satisfying, like red mist with bone shards from a woodchuck, but slower, bigger, and better. In stutter motion, I'd hope.

Haven't seen a good wooden bat in action since good old Al da Capone, in the 'Untouchables'.

Just 'emember...ya gotta watch out for the splatter factor on the second and especially the third hit. Any more than that and y'r a sociopathic sadist, or have a lousy swing, so ya deserve that scrambled stuff all over ya anyway.

BTW, not to intellectualize it too much, but I kinda agree that the granola-sippin peacenik Westcoasties that adore Tarantino, seem to feel that violent 'art' legitimizes the good ol human lust for visual bloody sadism. Guiltless and sophisticated celluloid snicker-woodies -- simulated front row in the Coliseum seating.

Well, who needs an excuse, anyway? Buncha closet violence-porn wusses. They need to get out and really kill some poor innocent animal, or go California boar spearing for the latest in a hip exercise routine.

Find the game, run it down, slay it with hand weapons "Kill the pig!! Kill the pig!!" Earsplitting and drawn out agonized, terrified porcine mammalian squeals, followed by victory chants and meatjuice shiny faces gorging on roast pig.

Think that'd give Hollywierd sophisticates a good firsthand endorphin charge? Have Tarantino do it all handheld and first take. Could even be trendy.

J t R, hoping he can stomach asshat-hero boy as the lead killer.

Da Magick Woid: storn

Anonymous said...

Mike Meyers is in this?

Lord, I hope he doesn't show up as Fat Basterd....

SpeakerTweaker said...'s Army of Darkness with Nazis instead of skeletons and zombies.



Anonymous said...

OMG, It's 300 meets the Dirty Dozen! It's better than Christmas!

Rabbit said...

I sent the link to one of my college friends, who called last night to remind me of the joys he found while cleaning out his father's home after he travelled to Valhalla.

His Da was a veteran of Bastogne.

He found, in a foot locker in the attic, a jar of ears- right ears- pickled in brandy. 36 of them, and a tape across the top had the date Jan. 45 pencilled in his father's handwriting.



Anonymous said...

Anon 12:39. Hats off, gentlemen, to genius. A new critical purview in the midst of our long national colonoscopy: Inside Hollywood as Lord of The Flies.

Call the New Criterion, tell them to keep the presses warm.