Wednesday, February 18, 2009

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Paul Begala says "If you don't support Porkulus, then don't take the money!"

Hey Paul, you thimble-headed gherkin, if I don't take the cash, can I opt out of paying for it via my soon-to-be-fabulously-expanded taxes, too?


Then shut up, you retard.


og said...

That's "Shut up, you FUCKING retard".

Just sayin'.

Captcha: Carbok. A small antelope, adept at hiding in car-parks.

The Infamous Oregon Lawhobbit said...

Maybe if you ask nicely?

Captch: Carion. What you do with your carbok when you find it in the airport parking lot and want to take it with you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, Obama won! And he has displayed his bipartisanship. He said, "I won." So Republicans and conservatives have NO VOICE!
You don't have to like it, you just have to pay for it!

Anonymous said...

If I don't like the taxes and hyperinflation that will soon come, can I just not pay for those as well.

I believe that more of government should have "opt out/opt in" provisions, e.g. Social Security.

Shootin' Buddy

Brian J. said...

Hey, doesn't the thing include a provision where state legislatures can overrule governors who don't take the money?

Not that there are many of those. Governors, much like the news anchors who are all smiley about the free golden eggs from up the beanstalk, think money from Washington is just manufactured there out of nothing.

Which it will be.

loki said...

Og beat me to it.


atlharp said...

If I was a governor, I would float the idea of opting out of the stimulus package and say that any citizen of the state can opt out of paying federal income tax as well. Since they have no investment in the stimulus, then they have no obligation to fund it.

With all that capital not being flushed down the toilet of the federal government SC or any other state would be awash in money. Take that Forehead!

Jindal in LA is thinking of opting out. What a great stand by Republicans if they actually did do that.

Anonymous said...

The Governor of Idaho is talking about not taking any of the money. It's due to the increase in costs to the State by the "strings" attached.
The "City of Spokane Fire Department" is turning down money designed to hire more firefighters, even though they are at the lowest staff level in 20 years. The reason being, again, the "strings" attached. The feds would pay the salary of new hires for two years, but these new hires could not be laid off for any reason for 5 years, according to the Assistant Chief.
As said by wiser men then I, "The most dangers words in the English language - I'm from the government, I'm here to help".

Steelghost said...

Well Anon you answered a question I asked at Les Jones post. I was hoping maybe the state could take this crap and turn it into fertilizer instead of just throwing it at the problem. I figured there be waste but hopefully much less, guess I should have known that when the big ape throws his pooh, he's going to throw a really big chuck at the problem and forget about the solution.

word verification: suxasp couldn't say it better myself.

Anonymous said...

Google Indiana Resolution of 2009.

What a vision.

Anonymous said...

Opting out is genius..... Oh wait, so you are a Republican governor and thus ALREADY have a nice, tight, lean budget right? So when you don't get the say 1 Billion dollars of stimulus money your state needs what to do? Probably raise taxes or cut spending INTO a depression. If you are for the latter, then this is still genius. If you are for the former than its a wash you morons. Its DEFERRING taxes or SHIFTING tax burdens. Do the math.....

Neutrino Cannon said...

I object to the title of "porkulus" for this... thing. The suffix "ulus" is diminutive, something the stimulus bill certainly is not.