Friday, February 06, 2009

"Where service is state of the art!"

So Circuit City went tango uniform. Big deal. Another retail chain has circled the drain for the last time... What could that possibly have to do with me?

(H/T to SurvivalBlog.)


jon spencer said...

Went to a closing Circuit City yesterday, prices there were still higher than at a nearby Best Buy and both stores prices were mostly higher than Amazon.
Then the owners wonder why they are in trouble.

Rob K said...

Circuit City Sucked! plain and simple. I went in there a couple of times and they didn't have much, for expensive prices. They deserve it.

Tam said...

Oh, I totally agree that they deserve to go toes up. I haven't bought a thing from them in ten years.

But they are as symptomatic of the big contraction in the economy right now as they were symptomatic of the big bubble that preceded it. (Did Two Mules, KS really need a 50,000 sq/ft overpriced electronics mart?) I think the article was good for pointing out the ripples expanding from the current retail collapse...

Anonymous said...

Sucks to be them. I bought one piece of equipment from them about ten years ago. Their attitude was they were doing me a favor. I never went back. No great loss to the nation.

CAR said...

I had a similar bad experience at Circuit City.

My brother returned a bad notebook purchased for his daughter for Christmas. It wouldn't work right out of the box and the management treated him like he was a criminal when he took it back for a replacement.

Anonymous said...

CAR, a lot of people returning things there were criminals, which resulted in an industry-wide over-reaction in returns policy. Here endeth my sympathy for Circuit City.

This is the outfit that flat-out fired their top-performing salesmen because they earned too much--a year and a half before the "implosion." I said when they did that, they didn't deserve to survive. It sure took that fuse a long time to burn.

Anonymous said...

Circuit City, driven into the ground by the Holy Spreadsheet.

Who bought an extended warranty from Circuit City and actually managed to USE it.

Sean Galt said...

Best Buy's ticket gets punched next, I say.
Geniuses they are not. BB just laid off 500 people at corporate around 2 weeks ago, and I personally experinced Corp. shooting themselves in the foot today by nixing a deal that would have netted around $700k/yr in free labor for the chain.

Kinda dumb. Glad they are not my employer.

CC will not be missed much, other than by the people that "worked" there.