Thursday, February 12, 2009

I don't know why this kicked over my gigglebox...

...but it did.

ADDENDUM: This was pretty droll as well... Damn those uppity robots!


JD said...

OK, I just thought of Breda and her getting a squid. . . not sure that would go well for anyone involved, human or squid. . .

John the Texaner said...

It probably has to do with tattoos.

Canthros said...

I thought of fountain pens, myself, but that is probably just me.

Squid is a funny word. By extension, squids are funny critters. I like to think that a commercial squid ink extraction facility would wring the tentacly critters like a wet towel, then drop 'em back in the tank/holding pond. Squid ink: renewable resource!

(I'm sure it doesn't work that way, but I find the images amusing, especially when rendered by the mind's eye through a nice Termite Terrace filter.)

WV: outonac
Either an island up around the Upper Peninsula, or that feeling one gets around the end of a long day when everything one touches breaks or otherwise goes poorly.

Anonymous said...

At least someone at the programming level at the GPS mfr. had a sense of humor, regardless whether or not it was intentional. That's funny right there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, squid!!! A gustatory dee-light, when prepared by ethnicities who unnerstan' 'em.

Calamari rings. Assorted dicings and slicings in salads. The wily Orientals' multitude of servings, from Korea to Thailand.

AND glorious Greek marinated tentacles, in oil and garlic.

However, the ink is used for sauce, so how wrong can you go on Val's day?

J t R

and sooo right: plene

Anonymous said...

It is NOT a GPS. It's a compass.
It will still work when the Russians have crashed ALL the satellites (Ukraine, Estonia...).

But his calendar is off. The day for driving your compass around in circles is 26 December.

dave said...

It was a printer ink company. Actually, I think that's almost as bad: "Here, honey, I got you a new cartridge for the printer!"

"That's nice, dear. I hope you got a new couch, too."