Wednesday, February 11, 2009


With the Ascension of the Lightbringer, all our brothers and sisters in foreign lands will finally stop hating us because of that evil Chimperor. (Remember how much they loved us before he was elected? Yeah, it'll be like that again.)

Peaceful trade can now resume, as we send them espresso machines from failed Starbucks stores and they send us handmade native beads, free-range imams, and entertainment videos.

(H/T to The Freeholder.)


Anonymous said...

As much as they seem to be the butt of a lot of jokes, I really don't think I'd mess around with the Poles. We may never know what action they take, but as a race of people they're no strangers to violence.

Also, the pond scum who did this, deserve whatever comes to them. I'd suggest a gift-wrapped one of these.

staghounds said...

Whenever I hear about one of these killings, I remember Fabrizio Quattrocchi.

Anonymous said...

reflecto, right on. At the gates of Vienna, they told no Polack jokes. Hamlet's dad was da shit because 'he smote the sledded Polack, on the ice.'

They broke the Enigma with a slide rule. Oyez they did.

Anonymous said...

So, we had shipped out a Kimber for a customer for "repair" and received it back a few days ago. As I was calling the customer to let him know his pistol was back, one of the younger guys at the shop looked at Kimber's invoice and description of "repair" and asked me " Hey, what's a Polish feed ramp?"

On a more serious note, is it finally time to unleash the Viking Brigade on those f-ing jawas? I think it's been time and every time I see another one of those cutesy stories about beheading us infidels, I really want to give them a taste. Let Allah sort em out.

Anonymous said...

Ben, 1+ (in Reverse Polish Notation, see?)

Charlton Heston pbuh, in The War Lord (to presumably Pomeranian peasant):

You took this--from a Frisian?

Anonymous said...

The smartest thing this country can do now is cement a special relationship with Poland, like ours with the UK. They have been such a terrific friend since they got out from the Soviets, so many of their relatives are here, so they have a strong blood tie here.

And with us out of Germany, watch Putin to try to hold hands with the Germans again. Poland can be our big middle finger of "Oh hell no!" to hold up in both their faces.

And they are a lot like the pre-PC West, so look for them to not have a heavy heart regretting hitting the enemy for doing this to their countryman.

But don't for this to happen until Luce Veritas goes back home to Shitcowgo.

Anonymous said...

Stag - amen, brother.

Fabrizio "let me show you how an Italian dies" Quattrocchi.

If we lived as he died, the jihadists would be cowtowing to us, and not the other way around.

Rabbit said...

Lots of Poles consider themselves the 51st state. One of my teammates is over there this week and reports their usual level of fascination with the U.S.

In the early 80's, rust-belt retirees of Polish ancestry took their union pensions and Social Security checks and moved back to where their parents and grandparents came from when Poland extracted itself from Jaruzelski's grip.

Sure, I'd take Poland over, say, Puerto Rico, any day. Definitely over D.C.


Anonymous said...

Will we get to hunt the imams???