Saturday, February 14, 2009

They ain't half ambitious, are they?

For the rest of the month, the White House agenda will focus on addressing the housing crisis, cleaning up the banking mess and laying the groundwork for reform of the health care system and entitlement programs like Medicare.
...and in March, they'll cure cancer. April will see the arrival of the New Soviet Man. Hopefully the farms will be collectivized by the end of May, so the White House staff can make it to Disneyland by June.

A very smart guy at dinner last night remarked that Barry had succeeded beyond his wildest dreams already: He'd done in one fell swoop with the Porkulus Bill what he thought was going to take four years of Congressional wrangling. Socialism is on the march, kiddies. Saul Alinsky must be smiling on his rotisserie.


Pappy said...

When do they start the "Laying On Of the Hands"?

Earl said...

Don't worry, Diane Sawyer went to Appalachia to find the bitter gun and bible clingers and found the single moms on drugs fighting addiction and depending on the system for their salvation. Funny, she could have gone to parts of New York City, and found the same, but also strange she couldn't find any happy healthy productive folks in those mountains. Yep, the light will shine everywhere pretty soon.
and everything will be okay.

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Zendo Deb said...

Be fair, it was W who ushered in the march of Socialism.

Tam said...

"Be fair, it was W who ushered in the march of Socialism."

Zendo Deb,

W wasn't even born in 1933.

And, whinging of others on my side to the contrary, Shrubya, for all his love of big gummint, looks like Ayn Fucking Rand compared to the current occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Anonymous said...

Zendo, that was at least Wilson. Scratch the WJ Bryan surface, you get to Robert Owen pretty quickly.

Just blaming Presidents, though, it was RB Hayes who put in the education business. TRoosevelt started the most business intervention. Banking? Oh, probably GWashington, just for not keeping a muzzle on that trade-tariffin' Hamilton boy. Lincoln for the income tax and deliberate inflation...C'mon, share the wealth here.

I mean, go ahead and blame Bush for everything if you must, but some Congress voted for something, sometime or none of this could have come to pass. And the same is tru now. He's not Fuehrer yet.

'Course you gotta be against something before you can stop it. Not enough of us are against this.

Anonymous said...

Health care "reform" means that there is still too much curing going on, and not enough behavior control.

perlhaqr said...

Anonymous: I'm against it. I was against the last one too. I was against Barry gettin' elected, I was against the original AWB, and I was against the FBI roasting all those kiddies in Waco, TX.

And look at just how much good it's done.

Anonymous said...

Nothing will be solved; no crisis will be abated. As everything worsens, the Newspeak Media will report how much worse it would have been had B.O. not spent trillions of dollars and point out that we must spend trillions more just to stay even.
The deficit by the end of B.O.'s first term shouldn't be more than 25-30 trillion dollars.

Anonymous said...

Like the vocabulary-challenged gal said to her friend in the photography studio, "He gonna focus, and take our money, too?"

Someone,yesterday, commented on Obama being narcissistic. Well, ain't the whole country sorta that way? Spending a lot of time at the Office of Navel Contemplation? So, navel to naval to ships and...

That somehow segued into a Joseph Conrad book title.