Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Sign of the times.

So, some guy who was delinquent on his mortgage in Cali decided to further degrade his property value, which was already plummeting like a tasered buzzard, by spray painting a plea in "txt mssg speak" on his roof:
while trying to bunker himself in against the guys coming to toss him out of his foreclosed home.

The news item in question was a little vague as to just what he wanted everyone to hear, but the money quote was:
"I worked every day for the last year. I'm making more money than I've ever made."
Which is great and all, but no loan agreement I've ever signed said "Hey, if you default on your payments, we'll let it slide so long as you're making more money than you've ever made." To tell the truth they don't even really care how much you make, just how much you pay.

You could leave that spiffy CEO position before the ink's dry on the loan agreement, but as long as you can pick up enough returnable bottles and aluminum cans to cover the note on that Bentley Arnage, the finance company would be okey dokey with your lifestyle change. They really don't care if you got it from a spiffy job that fulfills you or you had a leprechaun lead you to a pot of gold under a tree stump, so long as they get their ducats, see?


Anonymous said...

I don't care how much money he's making now, I want to know who the jerk was that approved his loan since he was making less. Oh, it's the loan officer who is being told to approve it because the bank could be fined for violating the Community Reinvestment Act if he doesn't. Thank you, Jimmy Carter.

WV: heatom. How to get a deadbeat out of their foreclosed home if you only have a flamethrower handy.

Anonymous said...

Snark gold: ur doin it right. made my day again, Tam.


Anonymous said...

I hear him. He's saying "I'm an idiot"

Anonymous said...

LAPD showed up and he's still alive. With that kind of luck he should run right out and play the lottery!

Anonymous said...

It's sad to see anyone lose their home, but it's happening all over the country. There are so many foreclosed homes that FHA and Fannie Mae are having to offer special financing to get them off their books. Its like the RTC and the S & L crisis of the 80's, but its going to be much worse....

On another note, I sure hope he's alright. Its just a house, a posession. Live to fight another day.

Anonymous said...

How many times I've heard "It's just a house, just a car." Well, I built my house. Its market value is about one-third of the valuation I pay taxes on, but that is all right since I own it and I'm not leaving. My car is rather rare, done up exactly how I want it, and I did a lot of that myself. Its insurance value would not replace it. It's not for sale.

Your philosophy has nothing in it for me. Certain of my possessions are what I've accomplished in my life, and they cannot be accomplished again. I will die defending these things--hope I do, since, deprived of them and offered the solace of "just things," I'd hurt someone.

I wonder what most people mean when they say they own something. Have their souls withered away?

Oh I am sorry. This is off topic.

Tam said...

More specifically, it wasn't "just a house", it was "just somebody else's house who was letting him rent-to-own."

Anonymous said...

"Homophones and grammar are troublesome for sheeple..... was he trying for "I want to be herd."? Translated to Standard English, I get: I want to be (in your)herd.

As in, "I want to be protected, fed and housed, in the company of others of my kind, until..... well, I just want to forget about that glittering knife at the end, OK?"

Matt G said...

"I'm making more money than I've ever made"

Are you, buddy? ARE you?

If we keep accepting and bailing out foreclosures, that slide in the worth of money will continue. Back in the late 1970's, my parents bought a very nice brick custom 3/2 home on a suburban acre for $35k. Nowadays, that won't buy a decent new car.

So hear this: Sure, the number after the dollar sign is bigger, but you're probably making less money, mister. And you are part of the reason why.

Time to check out that portion of the newspaper labeled "Classified: Apartment Rentals."